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How to Quickly Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

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Stop wasting time in the kitchen peeling hard boiled eggs. This trick will change your life if you eat hard boiled eggs on a weekly basis!

I eat a lot of eggs. I love them, my Husband enjoys them, but, my kids just won't get on board. I jump at every occasion to make my famous Deviled Egg Recipe at every change I get...which is few and far between.


Over the summer I was in the kitchen and found myself picking at the egg shell. With the three children striving for my attention I knew I needed to get this chore done with a quickness. Now I had seen the video on Facebook of putting a water in a glass, putting the lid on and shaking it. I didn't want to go making a mess so I decided to take the eggs that had been cooled in a cold pot of water and try it without the water.

Low and behold this little trick worked in my own kitchen. I was so thrilled beyond words I knew I had to tape it so that others could reap the benefits. I mean when you are making a recipe especially for guest you want the food to look beautiful - the egg whites will now remain clean and unpitted!

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