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Challenge: Next Food Club Star

Dish It Up with the DishItGirl Herself!

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My name is Dina Deleasa-Gonsar and I currently reside in New Jersey with my husband not to far from all of my family members! You might remember us from the E! Network show "Married to Jonas. Viewers quickly learned that food was synonymous with family and Sunday dinner was a weekly event.



I am one of four children, so there are quite of few of us living within a 20-minute range of each other. There is always someone ready to eat and of course someone ready to feed them. Growing up in an Italian family meant dinner time was always non-negotiable. Some people had large dinners on holidays, my family had them every Sunday. Someone in my house was always cooking or eating. My grandma and mother were always tag teaming in the kitchen, and I was always standing on a chair ready to help. My family members have always been gracious taste testers. I am sure that my family loved that time I experimented with the idea of pepperoni salad. Since then I have moved onto more successful dishes.


My mission is simply to land somewhere between Martha and my mother. I can put on some pearls to hit up a five start and then chase a food truck down in my heels. My blog, "DishItGirl" began as a way to share recipes with friends and family. Then it turned into sharing my love for family dinner and all things food on local morning shows. I am excited to watch my brand grow and continue to inspire people to get into the kitchen with a positive attitude.


My husband and I have been very fortunate to have had some amazing travel experiences. We look for monumental food experiences rather than actual monuments when planning a trip.

More than my love for food it is also my love for people. I love seeing people together, happy, laughing and sharing experiences. I think that is what food does. It does more than feed your body but also feeds relationships. So many conversations happen over dinner, so many quiet moments at breakfast with a cup of coffee. Food can tell a story and keep us connected to our past. It can help us remember, keep tradition, and keep ties with our past. I would love to be able to visit the Today Show and treat the viewers to good old fashioned Sunday Dinner!

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