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3 Simple Coffee Drink Ideas - Become Your Own Home Barista!

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With approximately 1.6 billion cups drank every day (that's whopping 584 billion cups each year), coffee is one of the world's most consumed beverages. You only have to peruse the specials board in your local Starbucks coffeehouse to see just how many hot and cold coffee recipes there are. Coffee drink recipes aren't just reserved for fancy cafes: become your own at-home barista in training and start brewing yourself a tasty array of thirst-quenching, caffeine-fuelled beverages with our tip top guide to the best coffee drink recipes, ever.

The Classic At-Home Brew

Before we get into syrups and flavorings, let's discuss the most important part of any coffee drink - the brew. Your brewing style will depend on what tools you have to hand. For those with a deluxe home brewing system, complete with ready-packed pods, brewing is a 2-button affair. For everyone else, the same delicious strong taste can be attained with a little effort. If you have a gas or ceramic hob, an Italian stovetop coffee maker (like the famous Bialetti) is an excellent choice. Alternatively, a basic coffee filter machine or French press (cafetière) will suffice. For extra freshness, opt for whole roasted beans (readily available at your local supermarket) and grind them freshly each day. Alternatively, there are plenty of richly flavored packs of ground coffee to choose from. Any brand is fine, but try to go for an 100% Arabica option that does not mix beans from different plants. If all else fails, you can even whip up a cheeky drink using instant coffee. The longer you let coffee brew (i.e. the longer the grounds remain in the water), the stronger it gets. Similarly, the more grounds you use, the more powerful the flavor becomes. Everyone has their own tastes, but as a general rule it's a good idea to brew your coffee a little stronger than usual if you're going to use in coffee drink recipes. Finally, you can enjoy drink after drink without worrying about overdosing on caffeine by switching to a decaffeinated version; look out for decaf grounds and instant coffee that uses natural (rather than chemical) methods of extracting the caffeine. Now you're all set, it's time to get creative.

Affogato Coffee Recipe

Ideal for hot and cold days alike, the Italian affogato coffee drink recipe blends a powerful shot of espresso with the silky sweetness of vanilla ice-cream. In Italian, affogato literally means "drowned", and in this case it's the ice cream that gets well and truly doused with coffee before you take a sip. Here's how to make the perfect affogato every time: STEP 1: Brew an espresso (as strong as you like it) and pour it into a small cup. STEP 2: Add a spoonful of vanilla ice cream to the cup and serve immediately. STEP 3: (optional) Add a shot of whiskey or bourbon along with a squirt of whipped cream of chocolate sprinkles. Some people like to stir the ice cream into the coffee, while others prefer it to melt naturally as they drink it. Either way, this coffee drink recipe is quick, easy and refreshing, removing the need to add milk or sugar to your hot coffee drink. Vegans or lactose intolerant coffee drinkers can substitute the vanilla ice cream for a soy-based alternative.

Iced Coffee Drink Recipe

Iced coffee is a firm favorite on a hot day, providing a fresh blast of coffee, ice, sugar and milk. Making an iced coffee is easy to do, without any specialist equipment. Here's our guide to making the tastiest iced coffee drink around. STEP 1: Brew a strong espresso (decaf if you intend to drink more than one of these each day!). STEP 2: (optional) If you like your iced coffee drink to be sweet, add a teaspoon or 2 of sugar to the hot espresso so that it dissolves easily. STEP 3: Leave the espresso to cool (at room temperature) while you prepare the ice and milk. If you're organized, you can brew it the night before and make your iced coffee the following morning. STEP 4: Add a handful of ice cubes to a large glass and fill 2/3 full with cold milk. STEP 5: Add the espresso to the glass, stir, and enjoy! For extra fun, you can add many different syrups to increase the flavor; hazelnut, vanilla and caramel are popular options. If you're heading out or going to the office and need an iced coffee to go, simply part fill a bottle (used water bottle is fine) with cold milk and a cooled sweetened espresso. Shake well and leave the bottle in the freezer overnight. The iced coffee will keep your lunch fresh and provide you with a delicious chilled beverage throughout the day - nice!

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