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Challenge: Kids and Technology

Teach Your Children How to Write by Taking Advantage of Technology

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Today’s generation of children lives a completely different life compared to the previous generations (including ours). You can see five year olds manage technology tools such as computers, smartphones, and tablets better than many adults do. Kids are surrounded by technology since a very young age, and the fact that they’re learning these technical things is completely normal.

Children use social media networks, play games, read, watch videos and movies, and communicate through the internet. Nowadays, there are thousand of activities a child can do by just having an internet connection and a smart device. Yes, there are plenty of disadvantages that come along with this lifestyle, but the benefits are also numerous.

In this article, I’ll talk about how you as a parent, can help your child focus his attention and energy towards productive activities. To be more specific, you’re going to understand how technology can help your child develop writing skills. And you will be the one who’s going to teach him how to do it!

How can Technology Help Your Child Develop His Writing Skills

The World Wide Web (Internet) is the best place to find information. Not only that you can find almost anything you want, but you’re also finding it on an instant basis by typing in a keyword phrase and clicking a button. With so much information, you can take advantage of many useful education resources, which include useful writing advice materials.

There are thousands of digital software and tools that are waiting to be used. Tools such as grammar checkers, style analyzers, and word processors can prove to be very beneficial for your children’s writing skills development.

Let’s not forget about feedback. Again, there are a lot of resources that can help your child receive the best feedback. Online writing communities are also a huge help when it comes to receiving purposeful feedback.

Believe it or not, nowadays children are very fortunate to be able to access everything they want. Almost any skill can be learned and then mastered. This was not that easy back in the days when were children ourselves.

Strategies to Teach and Improve Your Child’s Writing

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help your children develop and improve their skills as much as they can. Even though this is usually the school’s and teacher’s role, you can’t always count on them. In order for your child to stand out from the crowd, you got to get involved!

Here’s what you should do in order to help your children write better:

1. Provide Them with Useful Writing Software & Writing Communities

There are a lot of tools and software that can enhance your child’s writing. I’d suggest looking through this resource and acquire one or two of this writing software. Then, get used to how it works and teach your child how to use it. They can receive awesome feedback, have most of their writing mistakes corrected, and they can also receive good suggestions for improving their writing.

Online writing communities are also a great resource that will definitely prove to be useful for your child.

2.Teach Them How to Model Successful Writers

Look for quality resources around the web and track down the names of the writers who do a really good job. Let your children follow their writing techniques: the way they form sentences, what style they use, what kind of words, and so on.

Another good technique is work with professional writers from services such as EduGeeksClub essay writing service and having him craft good essays. As your child will need essay writing skills, it would be great if you could introduce him to this field by providing him good quality essays. You keep in touch with the writer and have him personalize the essays according to your child’s needs.

3. Find Grammar and Style Books, Audiobooks, and Videos

As mentioned earlier, finding resources is extremely easy. It just takes a little research, reading some customer’s reviews, and then you can just download/purchase them. The paperback format is not the only option. You can get audiobooks and video material which will make the learning experience better.

Look for writing grammar and style resources or anything related to writing improvement. This is very flexible, as your children can access the information from anywhere, at any time.


Teaching your children how to write with the use of technology is not hard at all. What you’ll have to do is spend some time doing your homework concerning what materials you’ll provide your children with.

You will also have to spend some money and time for teaching them how to study the resources properly. Per total, investing your children’s education and skills is the best way to propel them towards a successful life.

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