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routine, routine, routine..........

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Our youngest is on the autism spectrum. So it is very important to keep his mornings and afternoons very scheduled. On Sunday night I will bring down 6 shirts and 6 pants, and hang them up so he can choose what he wants to wear to school that particular day. He likes having a say, but if he has too many choices (like looking in his closet it would take him forever) This way I cut down the stress of it all for him and he still has a say. Which is important to a 12 y.o.

The morning routine is always the same, breakfast, any medication/vitamins, brush teeth, and other bathroom necessities. Then pick out clothes and get dressed.By this time, he needs to pack up his back pack, grab his coat and go outside to wait for his bus. Making sure everything is the same for him is very important. My husband and I have developed this routine over the years and it works the best for us.

When he gets home from school, we have another routine. He has snack first. Then he can either play outside or in for 45 minutes. Then we hit the books. After homework is complete. He reads for 15 minutes (he loves to read so most of the time it is longer than 15 minutes). Now he can relax. Sometimes he will want to help me with dinner or offer to help around the house. Once dad gets home we eat dinner . Then it is time for the shower. After the shower he gets ready for bed (again I have brought down pajamas for him to pick from, no stress before bed!) He goes up to bed and can read quietly for 15-30 minutes depending on the time.

Again we have to keep to the routine as close as possible. If there is something that is going to mess up our routine (morning or afternoon/night) we warn him ahead of time so he can prepare himself for it. For the most part if we tell him before hand things usually go smoothly. My husband and I work really well together. We both know what has to be done, so if I get tied up with something he will pick up my slack and I do the same for him.

We know what we need each morning and for each week. We make sure we have all those items available and handy. The last thing I want to be doing at 7 AM his running around the house looking for shoes or a coat or back pack. Every thing has a place. If you are looking for a home that is spotless and hides the fact that a special needs child lives here, you will be disappointed. Our house is clean, but things are not put is your typical places. We have adapted to our family's needs. The whole family. So that means that I took 1 shelf away from towels and put our sons pajama's there. If you are family and or a friend you know about our son and you will understand.

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