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Challenge: Sleep Confessions

Magic Sleeping Potion...

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This is my first time posting to this site, but I assume that we're all parents where desperate times lead to desperate measures and there is no judgment, right?!

So....both of my boys have a super hard time winding down and getting to sleep after their busy days with school, sports etc. so for the last few years (upon the recommendation of my cousin) I started using a "magic sleeping potion" to get them to sleep. While I am not a witch and did not create this potion in a cauldron (it is actually Lavender Room and Body Spray from Whole Foods Market), it is MAGIC and helps them get to sleep within minutes! I have them close their eyes in bed and take deep breaths through their nose while I spray the potion over them. The lavender calms their body and mind and the spray leaves the scent on their pillow so it lasts and allows them to breathe in the potion as they quickly fall into a deep sleep. Magic!

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