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Challenge: The Life Changes Project

Life changes for the better!

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Everyone says your life changes so much when you have kids. You know what... they are right!

The one thing they don't tell you is that it only gets better! Think about it. Other than the responsibility of taking care of three other human beings, you get to become a kid again too! Costumes are worn EVERY day. You will have a new fort in your living room while binge watching cartoons on Saturday and Sunday! And no matter what I always have a little buddy to watch football with. The only debate I have to deal with on that subject is if they are going to root for the Cowboys with mommy, or side with daddy and the Packers!

The fun never ends, and the joy is overflowing! Yes there are days where I feel like I'm going to have a melt down if I hear them argue or cry again, but it's all worth it! God truly blessed us with our three boys! No matter when they come, or what the sex is, children are always a blessing and deserve our love and devotion!

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