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Challenge: Keeping Your Cool

Keeping My Cool: It's All About Perspective

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Being a mother of 5 I have many days that I feel like I am going to lose my cool but I have lots of little tricks up my sleeve for when I do, below are a just a few:

1. Whisper - When my kids are screaming in the car I start whispering to them and they start looking around like what is going on and start to do the same, instant peace:)

2. Funny Voice - I start speaking to them in a voice that isn't mine like Miss Piggy and they will eventually start laughing, me too!

3. Dance - They really don't like when I dance (especially my pre-teens) and will do anything to make me stop so I'll often dance till they calm down, it usually doesn't take them long.

But there is one that I always revert to in order to stay calm, cool and collected during those crazy times and it is perspective. I think about the good things in life and how fortunate we are to have the things we have such as; our home, health and shoes on our feet. I remind myself when the kids are fighting, whining or irresponsible that things could be so much worse.

When I read stories about mothers who are refugees traveling with their kids looking for safety and food it provides me with perspective that losing my cool about a sibling fight is not warranted the way it is for these mothers.

I am thankful for my perspective and will always work as a mother and entrepreneur to empower families with tools that develop compassion in children. Because I believe with compassion comes perspective!

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