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How To Motivate Your Kids Without Bribing Them

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Bribing is always the best motivation for kids. Give them some candy or toys and they will do anything for you.

But this is not right all the time. Children are good imitator and a good follower of adults, whatever they see and told to do, they bear them in mind and use them to get what they want. On the other hand, Bribery is the parent’s way of discipline. A hard headed child is a serious problem of parents especially if they are 2 or 3 in a family, and the only successful way to polish them is to set on bribery.

A study and observation on these common traits conclude that “Bribery” is not really a solution but a distortion of the child’s future. It may solve a problem temporarily but later it will be sorts of way to do an undesirable things that a child wanted to do. For example, if the parents always promise to give sweet junk foods in exchange for doing their homework, the child will not do their homework without the promise of sweet foods anymore. This habit will go on until such time that they will ask bribery for every task that they wanted to do.

Bribery is an act of promise to give in exchange for good deeds, while rewards are a gift given after good things done without the promising to give. Rewards are a better and practical way to motivate in disciplining children, but when it is always used, the outcome is still the same as bribery.

The problem with bribery

As parent we understand the dilemma of raising children as they grow up. Tantrums are the very first problems that parents have to solve every day. When a child cried out loud disturbing everybody at home, parents sought all sorts of way to control or stopped them. This is where bribing comes in, for parents know what the child wants. If the child loves to play video game, parents promise to let them play so as to stop the tantrums. Right away it solved the problem. Then what now? Of course bribing will be the ends meet.

Tips on how to motivate the child without bribery

1. Be a model, show them how, and have time for them.

2. Praise them with the effort they done not just the result, and encourage more for the job well


3. Show them the feeling of success and let them inspired.

4. Create challenging activities.

5. Give them options of their own choices.

What other option do parents have to motivate the child

Other parents opt for rewarding the good deeds that the child did, like giving star when they got an A grade, or hug and kisses when they successfully do their daily personal routine like changing clothes and taking their bath alone, or praising them for helping light works at home. This act is more practical and advisable, but stating about emotional effect on child’s discipline, rewards is still tantamount to bribery. Still they will get motivation to do good things in exchange for that rewards, gift, and praises from parents

The truth is, most parents turn to bribing because they lose motivation or are just plain exhausted. This is why I always recommend reading some inspirational quotes to uplift your spirit. Like the Good Book, quotes have the power to affect your mood in a healthy and poisitve way!

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