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How to Build and Monetize Your Parenting Blog

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Do you believe a parent has the world’s toughest job? Do you sometimes feel equal parts frustrated and rewarded? Hey, here’s an idea! If you’ve got a flair for writing, why not share your sentiments with the whole world? There are thousands of other parents who think the exact same thing, and the best way to connect with them and make money in the process is through a parenting blog. After all, creating a blog has become extremely simple, and you’ve already got the content mapped out in your head. You’ve just got to put it into words. Check out how you can not only build but also monetize your parenting blog!

Always Focus on Quality

The reason why a lot of parenting blogs fail to make noise is because the content isn’t well-written or well-presented. Never make basic mistakes, especially with word connotations and grammar in your blog. Nothing puts readers off like a badly worded and meandering blog. You also need to practice a bit to perfect your blogging style. The trick is to churn out content that is nothing like what’s available on the Internet, and then find your target audience who will understand and appreciate the difference.

Focus on the Reader


he number one mistake any parenting blogger can make is focus solely on themselves. And, most do this repeatedly. Instead, you should shift your attention towards the readers. This doesn’t mean you won’t ever get the chance to write about yourself and the kids. But, make sure that it always comes back to the reader. Your tips need to appeal to parents, and sharing a story that is easily identifiable is a good way to do so. But you need to learn how to connect with your readers at the same time.

Try to be Helpful


Your parenting blog should offer readers something substantial; something they’ll find useful in their daily lives. Your own knowledge on raising children will no doubt prove a boon in the process, but you can enhance your writing by adding quotes and expert interviews to the matter. When you write well-researched and interesting pieces for parents on how to navigate the world of diapers and discipline, you’re bound to land a lot of paying clients.

Controversy is Your Middle Name


The Internet loves controversy, and when you put out your parenting opinions in front of the entire Internet, you gain a niche for yourself. Learn how to spice up your posts, but also when to draw the line. It’s easy to enrage your readers and make them lose interest in your blog. The more readers you lose, the more money you lose. So, keep that in mind the next time you decide to criticize a mother’s parenting style. However, producing bland, safe content is also not an option. So, you have to be confident that you can jump into parenting debates but keep a respectful, mature tone.

Just like actual parenting, blogs on the subject are notoriously hard to create, and even harder to manage. But, once you get the hang of it, the rewards are rich – both moral and financial. So, make it a point to give it your best shot and sky’s the limit.

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