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Challenge: Get Happy!

Happiness is Not a Destination!

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I think many people have the misconception that happiness is a place to be traveled too and arrived at. They think you get there, grow roots, and that's it. So they look for this special road to happiness and think, if I have..., if I accomplish..., if I'm with..., I'll be happy. They spend their lives looking for this dead end called happiness thinking they can get there, set up, and stay by acquiring more material things, gaining more financial success, or finding a different partner. They sadly look past all of the happy scenic overlooks along the road of life.

I'm here to tell you that in this life, happiness is NOT a destination. Many times you do stop at happy, but sometimes sadness runs out in front of you, anguish peeks out from around the corner, fear, depression and so forth cross your path. This doesn't mean that happiness won't be another stop further down the road. Keep trudging along the road and remember not to miss the happiness in front of you by looking for an ultimate happiness destination. Happiness is in your child's laughter, in the breeze rustling though the trees as you lay outside in the grass with your significant other, in the saltwater the waves wash on your face on a sunny beach day, and eating a simple meal together as a family. Don't miss out on these precious happiness trying to get more things, accomplish more academically or secularly, or by moving on to another marriage mate. Happiness is not a distant destination, most of the time it's right here!

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