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5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Parenting Influencer For Your Brand

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It has been rightly said that “People buy people not products”. Hence, word of mouth marketing still remains one of the most influential form of marketing providing the highest ROI (Return on Investment).


Finding an influencer for your parenting brand can be hard but if you make use of the below 5 tips then it will surely become an easier task for you.

1- Make Use of Chrome Extensions like Influencer Engage

One of the biggest factors while finding the perfect influencers for your brand is time. Finding the right influencers takes both time and effort. This is where Influencer Engage comes in.Influencer Engage by is a powerful Influencer marketing tool that gives you free, instant access to influencer stats, social profiles, and contact info with a single click from your Chrome browser on any page that mentions an Instagram or Twitter account.

2- Build Up a List of Top Parenting Blogs

Research on the web and prepare a list of parenting blogs having the maximum engagement. While looking at the blogs, check out the number of social metrics the post receives like Tweets, Shares and comments. You can simply take the help of Google and search for the top parenting blogs such as this one.

3- Make Use of Influencer Networks

Nowadays, influencer networks are easier to find. You can find an influencer network over social networking sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Many PR agencies and startups are also creating networks focused on a particular niche like parenting or mom bloggers.

4- Craft a Perfect Pitch to Reach the Blogger

Successful bloggers often receive a lot of pitches from PR agencies and freelancers to promote their products and services. Hence, it is important for you to craft a professional and unique pitch that reaches the blogger at the correct time in order to derive the maximum benefit. Always praise the blogger for his/her efforts and mention how a relationship with your brand might help the readers of your blog. Do not talk merely of your benefit and make it a sales pitch. Bloggers are smart enough to reject blatant sales pitches.

5- Follow the “REFA” Approach

When finding influencers via social media or through any tool, follow the REFA approach that stands for Reach, Engagement, Frequency and Authenticity. Look out for the overall reach of the influencer, the frequency of posting articles, the engagement his/her post receives and the authenticity of his/her followers and the writings. If you follow this approach then you will certainly find the best ones in the parenting niche.

Influencer marketing has certainly become a necessity for brands in order to generate the much required “word of mouth” marketing.

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