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5 Home Cleaning Tips For Parents

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Bringing home a baby means a lot of things. This includes happiness, joy, love, mess, and the effort to put a stop to germs. In case there are older siblings, they could also help you in cleaning the house and taking care of the baby at the same time.


You could buy tiny baskets, and divide the clothes or make them as a toy basket for your little one. You could also take up ideas from DIY projects on the internet.

Here are five home cleaning tips for parents to keep the house looking and feeling fresh.

  1. Use A Home Deodorizer And Keep The Surroundings Clean
    You should generally dust off the dirt from the curtains, shelves, etc. You could also use a wet cloth to remove dust off the shelves, tables, lights, etc. The dust could cause serious future risks of asthma or allergies.

    Since you have a baby in the house, you should use an air purifier with an aroma to keep the environment of the house clean and fresh. Any dust prevailing on furniture or hidden corners that you couldn’t reach up till would vanish with an air purifier.
  2. Keep The Floor And Carpets Clean
    Babies start off with the floor. They crawl, they sit on the floor, they play on it, and sometimes, they lick the floor too. Therefore, floor and carpet cleaning is very necessary.

    You can use vacuum cleaners to pick off the dust from the carpets, floor, hidden corners, etc. Else you can mop the floor with floor cleaners.
  3. Use Baking Soda To Remove Stains, Vomit, And Clean Other Things
    Baking Soda is one thing you must have at home as it has several health and cleaning benefits. It can help to remove any kind of stain on the clothes. Additionally, baking soda can clean your tiles as well. You can clean the drain if you add apple cider vinegar to it.

    You can clean baby toys with baking soda and water. It can also be used as a fabric softener and helps the clothes to be cleaner, whiter as well as brighter. Baking soda acts as a natural deodorizer when sprinkled in shoes. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and vacuum it after fifteen minutes.
  4. Use The ‘Magic Eraser Original’ To Get Rid Of Tough Stains
    When babies start to grow, they start getting creative in their own manner. They could pick up their markers and sketch on the walls or take crayons and color the floor or open the paint to paint the bathroom. Such stains are tough to remove.

    Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser can help you get such rid of stains. The Magic Eraser works on the walls, tiles, switches, doors, etc. It looks like a sponge and just needs water to do the cleaning.

  5. Use White Vinegar To Clean Baby Stuff
    White vinegar is the most useful product amongst different kinds of vinegar. White vinegar helps to clean baby toys and utensils like sippers or milk bottles. It can clean and deodorize the garbage disposal, get rid of microwave odors, etc.

    The use of this vinegar doesn’t stop there. Vinegar helps in vanishing pee stains from the mattresses, clothes, removes discoloration of clothes, etc. It acts as a fabric softener for baby clothes, static reducer, and makes baby clothes brighter. Vinegar also loosens up the chewing gum that is stuck on clothes.

After going through the aforementioned pointers, cleaning the house would become easier for you especially, when you have little ones to look after and your core cleaning issues will be wiped off. Now it is time to keep your child’s surrounding clean, especially the items that they tend to put in the mouth.

Happy House Cleaning!

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