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5 Easy And Tasty Nutrition Tips To Kickstart A Family Lifestyle Change

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Everyone always says they're ready to start a new diet. I've tried and failed a few times, which is made worse because it affects my kids too. So far this year I've finally found a way to turn my diet into a healthy lifestyle and the whole family is benefiting from it. Jumping in at the deep end is a bad idea if you can't swim. Here are some excellent tips I've found work best and I'm sure you'll love them.

Embrace Healthy Treats


Let's start with the treats because they're the most tempting. I looked around for some food processor reviews and got one big enough to handle everyone in the family. Always keep frozen bananas and strawberries in the freezer, plus you can buy frozen strawberries to save money. Once you've blended them in the food processor it will taste like delicious ice cream and the kids won't be able to tell the difference.

A Half And Two Quarters

This not only helps you eat healthier food, but it's also an easy way to serve up dinner. Imagine your plate is divided into 3 different sections. You've got half of your plate on one side and on the other it's divided into two. The vegetables should go on the side where half the plate is free. The remaining spaces should be filled with a carbohydrate source and a protein source the family enjoy.

Sneaking In Vegetables


I found this idea online and thought it was perfect. My kids weren't too keen on certain vegetables, plus it would allow me to eat less carbohydrates. The trick is to turn cauliflowers into rice and zucchinis into pasta. Obviously you won't use both in the same dish, but the veg will replace the high calorie rice and pasta. As long as you've got something in a nice sauce to pour over the top of it you won't know the difference.

The Power Of Soup

Do you remember when you used to visit your grandma as a child? When I would visit mine we would always have a big bowl of soup before the main course. It's easy to make bowls of soup with almost zero calories. The heat of the soup sitting in your stomach along with the vegetables lowers your appetite. It stops everyone in the family from being too greedy once the main course is served because we're all almost full.

Stop Drinking Your Calories

Have you ever drank a Gatorade at the gym while running on the treadmill for 20 minutes? It turns out you're actually consuming more calories than you are burning. You have to stop drinking liquid calories because it's probably the reason most people are overweight. I've decided I'm not going to deprive my kids of soda, so I always make sure I buy the one with no sugar in it and they don't mind.

These Are All You Need Right Now

There are probably a thousand things you can do to clean up your diet, but you only need to use a few of them to see massive changes. I'd encourage you to use the tips I've talked about today, especially if you have kids because I know they work. You can even get creative with different frozen fruits when it comes to the ice cream.

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