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Your childhood memories not pleasant? Learn how to help your children make good childhood memories

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I bet many friends of mine that are now all grown-ups at the age of 30 - 35 have a lot of interesting stories to tell their kids about the bright childhood they had what I cannot tell about myself. I hardly ever can recall myself of anything from my childhood. Maybe I have bad memory or maybe I simply did nothing or if to be more specific - my parents did nothing to make my childhood more interesting. Now when I have a son I want to realize all my childhood dreams and desires through my son or if to be more accurate – I will try not to leave his desires and dreams ignored and unfulfilled.

My father enrolled me in German language school course! Now I am so excited and happy that I will know more than one language’; ‘My mother said that I can take up dance after lessons on condition that I am done with homework! It is so cool, finally I will do what I have always wanted to, meet new friends, learn different styles of dance and travel around the country with concerts! How cool! ’; ‘My parents are so great! Dad bought me a new football asking if I want to take up football or practice some other sport activities like fencing. I think fencing! Fencing it is awesome!’ – how often I happened to hear this from my friends and classmates at the time when my parents made me stay at home and write boring homework when other parents simplified everything for their kids by addressing college essay writing service to reduce the homework workload for their kids who stuck under a never-ending pile of homework and drew them into activities for all-round development.

Childhood is a stage when the brain develops quickly and unfortunately not each and every parent understands that how mother or father helps a child to develop intellectually affects him throughout adulthood. At the same time intellectual activities will can be fun! Here you may find a lot of interesting activities for your kids at Pinterest.

The main point is to give ear to kids’ desires since it is so cool when you have nice memories and pleasant impressions from childhood especially if the activities you did affected our adult life. This is how people choose their career path. We must remember that successful people are the ones who once followed their childhood dreams, whose parents understood and saw a potential in them, who trusted and believed in their skills and abilities. Michael Fred Phelp would have never become a world famous swimmer if his parents who were scientists had wanted him to continue their path. Many thanks to such parents who are supportive to their kids.

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