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Worthless Smart Gadgets Your Children Need To Avoid In The Future

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What was your first reaction when you heard about smart gadgets? You probably thought they would slowly change the world. Unfortunately, they seem to be manufacturing worthless items these days. It’s your millennial kids they’ll end up targeting.

Every company has the right to sell anything they want, but don’t let your children fall into their trap. They’ll end up wasting thousands on gimmicks as they get older. Let’s look at a few examples of gadgets that will hopefully fade away.

1. Reminders To Buy New Eggs

A refrigerator will already be a big drain on your energy bills, so you don’t want to pay even more for basic eggs. If you don’t want to spend extra money you should stay away from the Quirky Egg Minder.

It doesn’t matter if you can get AA batteries for free. The gadget will basically tell you when you’re running out of eggs. My husband is an SEO reseller and legitimate marketing companies don’t want to touch it.

2. Always Drink Your Vegetables

Are your kids getting enough vegetables in their diet? If you want to consume more vitamins and minerals you might turn to juicing. It’s become extremely popular in the fitness world and children drink them too.

You can use a blender to create your green juices, or you can spend hundreds of dollars on the Juicero. It’s essentially the same thing except you won’t be able to use the latter if you’re not connected to WiFi.

3. Drinking Water Is Essential

If kids don’t drink enough water on a daily basis all kinds of bad things can happen to them. Luckily, you’ll only be required to drink a few liters of water per day. It’s easy to remember if everyone in the family carries a bottle around.

Once your bottle is empty fill it up and finish it again. Nobody goes to bed until they’re done. Smart bottles remind people to drink enough water throughout the day. They must think your entire family is clueless.

4. Bake Your Cookies In Style

Do you find it hard to tell the time? Thankfully, the CHiP smart cookie oven will come to the rescue. It will send you a message when your tiny batch of cookies are done. It’s not the only amazing feature on offer.

The oven will also let you order new pods in case you run out. Sadly, the cookie pods will cost you a ton of money. If you take your kids to the treat section in a supermarket I’m sure they’ll be more satisfied.

5. Helping Your Teeth Sparkle

Brush your teeth properly every day and they’ll sparkle for years to come. The Onvi Prophix smart toothbrush doesn’t think you’ll be able to handle it. Apparently, you will need a 10-megapixel camera.

Do your kids really want to see photos and videos of their teeth? I know they probably hate going to the dentist, but it’s better than buying one of these. They’ll learn brushing and flossing beats smart gadgets.

Sometimes Smart Gadgets Are Just Silly

Show your kids these gadgets and ask how they feel about them. I’m sure they’ll think a few are pretty cool. Even if they were to test one the novelty would wear off in days. Teach your kids to become expert savers, which means avoiding useless items.

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