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Why We Should All Be Teaching Our Children To Draw

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Out of the numerous things we’re told to teach our kids, drawing is a constant. While it may seem like something almost every kid already does, it falls partially on parents to encourage them to keep up with the practice regularly. Not only has drawing been known to improve a child’s memory and hone creativity, but it can set a foundation for other skills to build upon for years to come.

Even though no one expects their child to be next Michelangelo or even a child prodigy, we do expect them to develop the abilities to be observant, think critically, and approach issues with an open mind. And believe it or not, drawing sets the foundation to all of that. Here’s why:

Encourage Different Types of Creativity

Drawing on its own is one of the most widely respected creative tools we know, but it’s been known to open up children’s eyes to other avenues of creativity. Beyond just implementing these in practice, drawing teaches us to think differently and utilize our brains in different ways.

While there’s no cut and dry answer to how drawing will impact your child, exposing them to the practice will teach them how to develop a creative process. They’ll look at the overall picture of their work, then fill in the details on how to improve. More, this also teaches children the skills of exploring different avenues to their work, and how refining their practice will make them better. These lessons are not only valuable in their younger years but throughout the rest of their lives as well.

It’s a Great Opportunity to Spend Time With Them

Sometimes our kids can even bring out our own inner child as well. One of the biggest joys and wonders of parenting is reconnecting with one’s own creativity through activities like drawing. One of my most favorite aspects of this practice is exploring where we can go in terms of creativity. Sure, we might start out with just a rocketship, but why can’t that rocketship have lasers or a satellite to communicate with aliens? Explore and cherish these opportunities with your kid because it will not only brush up on your own storytelling abilities but theirs as well. After all, we all want our children to develop great skills, with drawing being a gateway to numerous other forms of knowledge.

Can Improve Other Skills

As stated above, drawing supports the cultivation of other skills throughout childhood, as well. It’s been hypothesized that drawing helps enhance our writing abilities, especially with non-native English speakers. This is because it follows the line of visual learning in how applying words to the objects we see helps us recreate and remember the terms. Additionally, not only does this help out with teaching our children words but with becoming more observational as well.

As we all want our children to be the most astute as they can be, encouraging them to draw the world around them will help them become more observant as well as be able to start to decipher differences in everyday scenes and objects.

For example, many parents spark creativity by asking their children to draw scenes from school, an event or a special trip. They’ll generally draw something that’s a rough outline of what that object was, and map out their own creative takes on the details, thus enabling them to cultivate their imaginations. In addition to exploring creativity and imagination, drawing also brings out the powers of observation. When kids draw a scene from recall they remember specific details they observed at the time but may have forgotten in the interim. Furthermore, if they know they’re going to be asked to draw a scene later they may pay even closer attention to the landscape of subject.

Yes, drawing is not only one of those skills that helps bolster creativity but can improve memory, observation, and attentiveness for the rest of their lives.

The Career Opportunities are Endless

Drawing opens up a world of opportunities and sparks interest in a variety of subjects and activities; teaching your children to draw early will encourage them to pursue numerous career opportunities later on in their lives. Beyond just the obvious career paths of an illustrator or logo designer, there are additional fields that utilize drawing skills, including architecture and engineering. Encouraging your child to draw at an early age will not only expose them to potentially wanting to pursue these professional areas, but will open their eyes to the power of creativity, imagination, and observation.

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