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Why Moms Need To Drink Coffee To Nurture Their Skin

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Coffee’s aroma is divine, its taste addicting, and its ability to perk you up in the morning is unrivaled. Coffee not only wakes up your senses but provides your skin with a long list of benefits that are relatively unknown. Aside from being a delicious drink, there are many, many ways that coffee makes you look prettier, fresher, and prettier.

Here are 4 incredible reasons why you should start using coffee on your skin:

Coffee Tightens Skin

Caffeine reduces water retention, which helps your skin achieve that smoother and firmer appearance. As earlier mentioned, coffee constricts blood vessels, and as a vasoconstriction, naturally tightens skin, giving you that younger appearance.

If you’ve lost some weight and have some loose skin on your neck, thighs, stomach, or arms, applying coffee grounds may help to tighten these other parts of the body as well. Read instant coffee reviews on The Homemakers Journal to find out the #1 best tasting coffee in the world.

Coffee Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer


Melanoma is said to be the most dangerous type of skin cancer because it spreads fast. Before you know it, melanoma has spread to other tissues and organs of the body, becoming fatal. Melanoma is caused by UV ray exposure from the sun.

Coffee, aside from helping to reverse skin damage from UV exposure, as well as helping to protect your skin from UV rays, is known to reduce the risk of melanoma when taken as a drink.

According to a study published on the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, author Erikka Loftfield and colleagues from the National Cancer Institute, reveal that people who drank more than 4 cups of coffee every day over a period of 10 years, had a 20% reduced risk of developing melanoma.

Coffee Softens Lips

While drinking coffee does stain your teeth, applying coffee grounds to your lips can make them softer, and even de-pigment dark lips.

Coffee grounds are natural exfoliates. Aside from the mechanical action of removing dead skin cells from your lips, the chemicals found in coffee also naturally scour off these dead tissues, revealing fresher, newly grown skin cells, which are smoother and softer. If you can try low acid coffee, if you have any acidic issue and read more here.

Coffee Stimulates Hair Growth


Researchers of a 2007 study featured in the International Journal of Dermatology, conclude that “caffeine is a stimulation of hair growth.” DHT, or dihydro testosterone, is a major cause of hair loss among men. Caffeine has been known to block the effects of DHT, helping to prevent hair loss in men. But aside from preventing hair loss, caffeine has also been known to stimulate hair growth.

Caffeine has been known to stimulate the activity of hair follicles, which enable hair shafts to grow, and thus, helping to promote natural hair growth in both men and women.

Aside from promoting hair growth, caffeine is also known to enhance hair color, provide a natural sheen, and making hair more manageable when applied.

Whew! That seemed like a lot to take in ’cause it actually is! There are so many things that coffee is good for, whether you drink it to prevent cancer, or you apply it to make your skin more beautiful, coffee is definitely one of the best things nature has to offer for your skin.

How to Make DIY Coffee Scrub Recipes


Now how do you actually use coffee to achieve all these benefits? You don’t have to buy the most expensive skin products that contain coffee or caffeine to achieve beautiful, healthy, and younger-looking skin.

With simple ingredients already found in your kitchen, you can make coffee-rich scrubs that will do wonders for your face or body.

Here are two Coffee Scrub Recipes for greater skin:

Coffee-Honey Moisturizing Facial Scrub

This scrub will help to nourish your skin, get rid of dead skin cells, and help to give you an immediate brightening and smoothing effect.


  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup ground coffee
  • 1/2 cup olive oil


Mix all these ingredients in a bowl until well blended. Gently apply the mixture to your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse your face with water and pat dry.

Since ground coffee exfoliates dead skin cells, use the scrub twice a week only.

Coffee-Coconut Oil Anti-Acne Body Scrub

Together with coffee’s anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties will help to reduce, prevent, and heal against body acne. Coffee’s antioxidants and exfoliating nature will also help to scour off dead skin cells to make way for fresh skin cells, bringing brighter and smoother skin.


  • 2 tbsp, ground coffee
  • 3 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. sugar


Mix ground coffee and sugar in a bowl. Add coconut oil. Mix until well blended. Gently apply on body and rub on skin in a circular motion. When applied to target areas, leave for about 10 minutes before rinsing with water.

For both scrubs to be more effective, wash face or body with hot or warm water before application as it opens up pores and helps to absorb the ingredients more efficiently.

Coffee may be known as the world’s favorite drink, but its hidden benefits on your health and even the way you look are far greater than what meets the eye. You don’t have to buy expensive skin care products to look good – with a little bit of coffee and some ingredients found in your kitchen, you can make your very own coffee-infused concoctions for greater skin.

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