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Tips for international students looking for a prospective School transfer

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International students coming to the United States have some things in their mind. Even if they have chosen a trustworthy team like Forward Pathway to get them an emergency transfer, there can be a number of things to be kept in mind while preparing for a successful school transfer.

1. Don't worry about it the acceptance rate for transfer students

Many international students are often worried about the acceptance rate, and it affects their mindset. Start shortlisting options after learning about the acceptance rate so that it does not bother you later on.

Remember that most of the schools that attract transfer students have a decent acceptance rate and so it should not be a cause of concern for you.

2. Plan ahead of time

Students planning to transfer shouldn't expect the process to be Swift and easy. Remember that if you’re not making constant efforts to understand the process and prepare for the same by reaching out to various academic Advisors and internship offices, the task might be slightly complicated for you. Planning is essential, and you need to be sure that you map out a plan in advance.

3. Look for scholarships

A scholarship is free money, and there are many people looking for it. The good news is that many students get it even. So, start looking for scholarships and check for the eligibility before applying for the same.

4. Consider on-campus housing

To make yourself feel more connected, you should live on campus and accept the challenge gracefully. On-campus housing is one of the best ways to help transfer students make new friends and get familiar with the new school.

5. Be a part of extra-curricular activities and clubs

While moving to a new place with unknown faces around you, you might prefer being an introvert. However, getting involved with your new campus will help you in staying confident and achieve results for which you have an update for the transfer. Start researching extra-curricular activities and look for clubs at your target school and get involved.

Please know that we are asking you to get involved in activities and not look for a full-time solution in such activities. This can affect your study time, and we do not want you to curse us in the end. So, get involved but know your limits, at the same time.

6. Attend orientation

Orientation is one of the most important things for first-year students, and every Institute offers an orientation program for new transfer students. This is a moment for you to learn about the transfer school in the best possible way and prepare yourself accordingly.

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