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Why I Chose To Work Remotely For My Kids

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Picture this: you wake up begrudgingly to your alarm clock and head out to work your office job for eight hours. By the time you’re back you’re probably dead tired and it’s no exaggeration to say that your day has ended right as it has begun. One of the biggest drawbacks to working on-site has to do with the impact it has on your relationships to those around yourself including your friends, your spouse, and your children.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Working remotely is becoming a more and more common practice for businesses looking to recruit talent and expand their workforce in ways that aren’t limited by space. Technology has created an opportunity for a mobile workforce to be viable in creating value for a company.

Now let’s paint a different picture. Imagine being in control of your own schedule and working your own hours to finished a definite goal within a certain timeframe. You’ll have time to devote to your family and friends while still being dedicated enough to produce results for your job and advance your career. It turns out that working remotely can give you this freedom and a lot more.

More Quality Time

It’s easy to get lost within the everyday rhythm of waking up, going to work, coming back, and hitting the sack. After a while you probably won’t even mind it anymore, but your long periods of neglect will usually not have good results for your closest personal relationships. Luckily, the opportunity to work remotely from home will allow you to both better position yourself and your schedule while also being close to those you love.

Chances are that your company or boss will allow you to work remotely if you’re a part of a technological field like IT or software development. In fact, the number of people working remotely in the United States rose from 15% in 2012 to 20% in 2016. It’s an incredible amount of growth that highlights the changing attitudes and trends surrounding remote work.

It’s probably true that most bosses will be lenient and open to the idea of remote work if it’s done twice or three times a week instead of everyday. Your physical presence during some days will already be a huge factor that helps connect you to the rest of the team and workforce, so working remotely shouldn’t be a huge issue if you’re located in the local area of your workplace.

By setting up an arrangement that incorporates remote work, you can take some days in the week to relax when you’re waking up and slow down the pace of your life. In those moments you’ll be able to better cherish the relationships you have with your spouse and enjoy more time around your kids. You’ll be happier and healthier as a result of reduced pressure and being closer to your loved ones.

It’s Remote Work

For all the logistical problems normally associated with remote work, if you can manage to secure a job that doesn’t mind long distances then you’ll also experience a much greater amount of freedom. The huge upside to remote work that we’re overlooking is that it’s remote, that means that your work can be done anywhere as long as you’re responsible enough to focus and finish it. As long as you have a computer and a reliable connection to the web you can be anywhere.

Maybe it’s a result of the increasing interconnectivity of everyone around the world, but the tourism industry has been booming lately. The greater accessibility we have to the familiar Internet in more distant areas gives us peace of mind when we decide to wander and be more adventurous. That accessibility is what paves the way for an ideal lifestyle that incorporates remote work.

Let’s say you’re a writer that does remote work. At the start of the day you pack up your laptop and some other equipment and head off for the beach. You set up a little workstation on the sand and bang out some articles while taking liberal breaks to bask or swim. After you finish work you might even look towards some other ways to invest your time like writing content for a personal blog about your experiences.

A remote gig is honestly one of the most ideal situations you can hope for as an employee granted that you’re enthusiastic about your job. It can dramatically improve your relationships and help you relieve stress because you’re given so much freedom to do things the way you want. If you want a big change of pace from your job to focus more on family, why haven’t you looked into remote opportunities yet?

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