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Why Computer Technology is Important for Teenager Life?

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Technology and teenagers go hand in hand. The two have become inseparable. There is a serious load of information and knowledge that the teenagers have to absorb and this is where the technology comes in. It has become a right hand tool for them, be it their electronic gadgets, or their desktop computers, teenagers have lost the ability to function without the presence of technology. The generation Y is a lot more advanced in terms of the quality of life and most importantly the way they deal with things to do.


The skill set that was required by the generation X is much more different that the requirements of the generation Y. If we consider their lives today, there is such plethora of information that to be able to absorb , comprehend and then assimilate the information into their lives. Today the largest internet users world over are the teenagers and this is why there is serious need to understand the benefits that the computer technology has for them. Computer technology in any of these form can help create and nurture the following skill sets in the life of a teenager:

  • Being able to type! This is the most crucial of the skills. Each and every device that can be used today requires a keyboard for the input. If there are problems with the inputting ability then the child will lag behind in other activities. Today the fast paced world does not allow any space for the people who are slow. Computing technology helps the child remain abreast with all the latest knowledge based teachings.
  • Being able to create and format the documents. This is one skill that is a crucial necessity . Every organization and professional stress about the crucial skill of creating the documents and formatting it.
  • Another skill that is quite crucial is being able to create spreadsheets. It has become such a serious necessity of the time that many CEOs claim that graduates who do not possess the basic spreadsheet skills should not apply anywhere as the corporate world always seeks people that have proper spreadsheets knowledge.
  • "Netiquette", this is the new terminology that the teenagers should be understanding. Being able to communicate the right way and properly with your peers and colleagues is a necessity without which there will be a lot of issues and troubles. This skill helps in ensuring that the teenager is able to cope up with the work life once they step out into the corporate world.
  • Social networking! This is one skill that is the most crucial need of time. Companies are looking to hire individuals who can network. This is one of the most vital skills that is required for the businesses to grow. There is no one better at the social networking skills than the generation Y and they just need to groom it to use it in corporate world.

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