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Where to Go for Luxury Trip with your Kids

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When it comes to travelling with kids, it is better to opt for train instead of planes or road trip. There are a lot of interesting train trips customized and designed for children. This article will talk in detail about the world’s top train trips that are kid-focused.

Swiss Chocolate Train

The word ‘chocolate’ in the name is enough to attract children. This train trip stretches for a day and the train takes the travelers through regions famous for chocolate like Gruyere cheese, Cailler chocolate and others. The train travels from Monteux to Gruyere stopping at specific destinations for touring at chocolate factories and cheese factories. There are two types of cabins namely Panoramic coach car and Vintage Pullman car.

Toy Train of Darjeeling

This toy train runs through the Eastern Himalayan route for eight hours. This railway route is a heritage site. The train is very famous for its aesthetically pleasing route and travelling in the toy train is a very important tourist attraction here. The train moves at a very slow pace for the tourists to enjoy the sceneries as the train runs towards Darjeeling.

Grand Canyon Railway

It is an epic style railway trip for your children. It is one of the inexpensive train trip covering a natural wonder. The train trip includes musicians, entertaining characters and other Wild West themed elements. This suits all children who are interested in cowboys.

Denali Star of Alaska

If you are planning a trip to Alaska with children, you ought to choose train. It is the fastest and easiest way to travel with children. Denali Star is an interesting train that travels from Anchorage to Fairbanks through Denali National Park. If lucky, one can spot a bar, caribou or a moose. The train also runs along Mt. McKinley.

Niagara Falls Train

Have you ever tried taking your children on a trip to Niagara Falls? The car trip hassle would drive your children to an irritating-mode. How about enjoying this natural wonder through rail from Toronto to Niagara Falls or from New York to the Niagara Falls through Hudson River valley as you enjoy the Finger Lakes region. Both the routes has many sceneries that would keep your children engaged.

Cass Scenic Railway

Is your child very interested in old locomotives and historic trains? This is the trip just for your child. Cass Scenic is a historic locomotive that runs through Cass State Park in West Virginia. The train has open-air cars and wide open vista. The train runs 11 miles and overnight stay at cottage. The cottages are located in a mill town of Cass, which are more than a century old.

Hocking Valley Train

This train is also a historic steam locomotive, which pass through the Hocking River canal lock, villages and other old-time attractions. The train is very famous for its themed tours that changes throughout the year in regards to any upcoming festival. There are many child-attracting elements inside the train like old-time train robbers, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and others. The train runs along Hocking River of Ohio.

Maharajas Express

It is one of the most luxurious trains in the world that runs through many heritage and natural attractions of India. It serves many different routes that suits children with features like national park safari, birdwatching, elephant rides and others. Inside the Maharajas Express train, kids can embrace board games, changing menu, scenic routes, Wi-Fi, LCD TV and others. The adults can relax in the cub car with the drink of their choice, read in library or shop at the souvenir shop inside the train.

Coast Starlight

Coast Starlight is a train that runs through San Francisco, Portland, Santa Barbara, Cascade Mountain, Pacific Coast and others. The train runs through many scenic routes from Los Angeles to Seattle. It is a very famous train trip for children as it runs through national parks and other attractions. The train has other features like local wine cars for adults to enjoy.

Harry Potter Train

We have saved the best for last. How about taking your kids on a trip in Hogwart train. Ride on the West Coast Railway engine, which featured in Harry Potter movies. The train has many features of Harry Potter films and it runs through Scotland with great sceneries for adults to enjoy. This would be an unforgettable trip for Harry Potter lovers. The train also crosses Glenfinnan viaduct.

Apart from these, there are many other kid-friendly luxury train trips around the world. Before booking tickets, check the itinerary of the train. Understand whether the train trip would suit your children or not.

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