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Where is Zinc Oxide Used?

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In the modern world, the use of zinc oxide is becoming more and more common. Previously, it was used as a medical drug only but now, it is used in other areas as well. Zinc oxide represents a powder, which has no odor, but it can have a white or yellowish tinge. When used, the chemical composition of the powder begins to absorb carbon dioxide. This powder is very difficult to dissolve in liquid and if we consider water, then in this composition, it almost does not dissolve in the same way as it would in ethanol.

How and where is zinc oxide used?

In medicine, zinc oxide excipient is widely used. It is applied externally to dry skin and this is the best way to cure burns. Also, zinc oxide can be used both when the bandage is on or off. It does not have any side effects. For small children, zinc oxide in the form of ointment is used to treat rashes. For example, after a long contact with the linen, redness appears on the child's body, which quickly goes away thanks to the application of zinc oxide.

Recently, zinc oxide has been used in science and technology. For example, in the sphere of mechanical energy. When zinc oxide is used as a base, electricity can be extracted. With the help of new generators, Korean scientists began to detect mechanical energy and make electricity from it. To increase the level of detection, zinc oxide was used. It was placed between two electrodes and thus the power increased. When the zinc oxide and aluminum are combined, the desired result is achieved. Scientists have proved that the final result is affected by the thickness of zinc and its interaction with aluminum. With the use of data of this magnitude in the future, it is planned to make new medical devices that will become helpful in conducting surgeries.

As for the spheres of life where zinc oxide can be used, they are the following:

Medical application. Zinc oxide is used to treat for dermatitis and some ulcerative diseases and it does not have any significant contraindications to a person. It is applied externally but you have to be careful with the dosage. It can be used during pregnancy and also it is not forbidden to use it externally for children. Lack or excess in the body of zinc causes a violation of the synthesis and properties of the corresponding metalloproteins, as well as other organometallic compounds necessary for the body.

Technical application. When using zinc oxide, man can achieve high results in the field of science and technology. It becomes a good conductor, which, when interacting with other chemical elements, creates a big charge. Radioactive zinc is used in various fields of science and technology as an isotope indicator, as well as in biological studies, for example, in the study of zinc metabolism in the body and elucidating the role of this important element in the vital activity of animals and plants. Compounds labeled with radioactive zinc represent different zinc salts mainly zinc chloride.

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