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What Makes a 'Good' Leader?

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It all started when I sat down one evening to watch the presidential debate. Almost immediately, I felt like I was watching a drama-filled reality TV show, filled with arguing, name-calling and so much yelling and interrupting that my head started spinning. My 7-year-old son came and plopped down onto the couch next to me and cheerfully asked, “What are you watching, Mom?” To which I, of course, replied, “The presidential debate.” There was a bit of a pause as he listened to the bickering ensue on the TV, and he then he looked at me with a somewhat puzzled expression and replied, “These are the people running for President?” I then proceeded to change the channel. Why, as a mom, was I feeling disgusted and almost embarrassed that my child was watching the presidential debate?

This whole scenario got me thinking. It got me thinking about who our children look up to and respect as “good” leaders and role models in their lives. I decided to do a little research experiment with a local second grade class. Click here to find out what they said.. What traits do YOU think makes a good leader? And a good role model for our kids?

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