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What factors makes a laser hair removal clinic best?

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Modern times, world of cosmetology has made it possible to improve the appearance of your skin. Laser hair removal is the latest technique for flawless and amazing skin. These days people are very conscious regarding their looks. No matter the place to where the person belongs to or whether the individual is a male or female, everyone wants glowing skin.

Laser is an intense and pulsating beam of light used to remove the unwanted hair which is known as "Laser Hair Removal". The heat from the laser is made to focus over the hair follicle which destroys it. Destroyed hair follicle is then removed resulting in hair free skin.

There are various factors which has to keep in mind for selecting an ideal clinic for laser hair removal that will suit your purpose and expectation regarding the surgery.

An ideal clinic for laser hair removal or reduction must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Ultra Hygienic OT's
  • Track Record

Just for the sake of geographical preferences, don't you make the decision of selecting the surgeon or the clinic. Expenses for the stay, food and journey are relatively very small if you compare this to the satisfaction of mind after the surgery. The location of the clinic should be easily accessible.

  • International Recommendations & Experienced Staff

Surgery should be done by an experienced surgeon who has international (relevant) recommendations/license to perform the surgery. Surgeon in the clinic should master the art. Ask whether surgery is performed by doctor/surgeon or the technicians. Always choose a clinic in which doctor performs the surgery. Sometimes technicians are not fully trained or experienced and surely you don’t want to take any risk.

  • Types of Laser
  • Availability

There are various wavelengths used for laser treatments on various body sites of interest.

Aim to choose the clinic where the laser is FDA approved. The selection of the type of laser which would be used for the procedure holds utmost position for answering the question i.e. an ideal clinic for laser hair removal.

The clinic must own their machines. The reason for this is that if the clinic doesn't have their own machines and they have to get it on lease from other sources then you would be the only sufferer. You will not be able to plan the surgery according to your priorities as they will decide the day on which the machines are available for the surgery. So, if you want a safe and successful treatment, select the clinic having own laser devices.

Operation theatres should be ultra hygienic. Surgery should be performed in the OT which is specially designed for Laser Hair Removal/Reduction. Hygiene during the operation is of utmost importance. Usage of disposable items for the sake of cleanliness would provide you germs free procedure. You will have a hassle free experience with minimal to no risk of infection.

One must ask the surgeon for pre op and post op photos of the results of previous cases to make sure the reliability of the surgery. One would have an idea of the surgeon, clinic, entire procedure plus its outcomes so that he/she knows about the expectation they could keep with that particular clinic or surgeon.

  • Complimentary Consultation

If the clinic is providing 'patch test' before the surgery as complimentary. As such you would have an observation before you make any commitment regarding the surgery. This will reduce skin troubles after the surgery to a great extent. So, it will be nice if you ask them if there is anything that you need to know about the surgery.

By considering the above mentioned criteria of an ideal clinic before the surgery of

" laser hair removal", the probability of successful results would definitely increase.

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