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Challenge: Back to School

​What Are the Benefits of a Bean Bag Chair for Your Kids?​​

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With a “back to school” period ahead, there is one question to ask all the parents around the globe: are you experiencing a sigh of relief or a rush of stress? Both of those feelings are legit, the former because the kids will finally get back to their chores, and the latter because you will have an additional chore to motivate them to study and do their homework. This includes creating a study environment that encourages your kids to learn with passion and curiosity. Modern times bring modern solutions and methods which differ from what we have always thought to be right, so let us review one of the newer thoughts – bean bags as a studying encouragement.


What’s wrong with a structured study environment?

A usual rule of thumb for a study environment is a traditional chair plus desk combination. Parents prefer it because it gives a sense of discipline. However, this idea is lately refuted by several studies which are examining whether plastic/wooden seating is actually taking the attention away from the subject of studying.

In defense of the chair + desk combo

Still, it is also important to point out that proper seating supports the spine and doesn’t put a strain on the neck and back muscles. This being said, a chair will perform its supportive function only if the child learns to sit on it without bending the spine and hunching over a desk.

Where do bean bags fit in?

Before we move on to a detailed review of the benefits this piece of furniture can bring into your kids’ lives, it is important to fit them into the studying story. In order to be able to focus on studying, children need to feel comfortable, and comfort is the first thing we associate with bean bags. Also, they are safe and convenient without sharp edges, which makes them appropriate for children of all ages.


Providing support and minimizing distraction

Have you ever noticed how kids get really fidgeting and can’t sit still while sitting on a traditional chair and how they’re constantly looking over their shoulder for something interesting to happen? Comfortable kids bean bags with enough space for the head and neck (tear shaped are the best for that) provide enough support and minimize distractions.

Promoting freedom and happiness

Children are unhappy when they feel trapped. Bean bags give them an opportunity to change positions and settle themselves how they feel it is the best. Additionally, their muscles will be more relaxed and they will be able to persist in their studying chores much longer.

Thinking outside the box

There have been many talks about how schools are “producing” uniform minds and ideas. Whether we agree or disagree with this opinion, we can’t deny how important it is to encourage children’s creativity. These soft and often colorful “chairs” are doing exactly that by allowing more freedom of movement, a sense of power and choice, and a different setting than the one in the classroom.


Turning studying into fun

Einstein once said that “playing is the highest form of research”, and who are we to defy one of the greatest minds ever? It is only natural that the kids who think of studying as a way of playing and having fun will have more academic success as they grow up. Sitting on bean bags can be very fun and it can help your kids cultivate a love for learning early on.

There are obvious benefits on both sides of the spectrum: the traditional studying arrangement brings discipline and proper posture, while bean bags make studying less of an effort and more of a pleasure. The best way to go? Introduce both of these furniture setups to your kids’ room.

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