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Water Safety and Children, It's the Parents Responsibility!

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My husband and I love water sports. When we had our first child, we knew it was our responsibility to ensure he was safe around the pool. Besides keeping a vigilant eye on him, we also began teaching him to become familiar with the water and learn to swim starting at 6 months of age. When our 2nd child was born, we started her at 2 weeks.

The number of child submersions is haunting. I felt a need to reach out and provide others with information and techniques on how to keep their families safe.

In 2003, I teamed up with my client, a pool builder Paragon Pools in Las Vegas to develop the Float Like A Duck, water safety campaign, Educating the public on the importance of safety while celebrating the joys of water sports.

This is our 13th year. The family-friendly program is free and open to the public. Our community partners include local TV and radio stations, area first responders, the YMCA, the Children's Hospital and other businesses. The messaging of the ABCD's of water safety are presented in both English and Spanish.

The program has won national acclaim for its efforts. Please share the 30sec Water SafetyPSA and information to your Parenting Team and community. #watersafety #drowningprevention

Infants swimmers, Sean and Ashley began swimming lessons as infants.

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