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Valuable Hints to Get Your Kids to Sleep Well

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Restful sleep plays a great role in normal functioning of the body. Without adequate sleep our body won’t develop or grow naturally. Children need more sleep compared to adults. However, putting little kids to sleep isn’t easy for parents as they make all kind of excuses to avoid going to bed. Well, pediatricians and well-known psychologists state that there may be multiple reasons why kids do not prefer to sleep.

Why kids don’t like to sleep:

  • Interested in playing - Kids want to prolong their playing time. They do not want to part from their toys, which makes them avoid sleep.
  • Anxiety plays a major part in not letting children sleep.
  • Fear of darkness maybe another reason why they avoid going to bed even though they feel sleepy.
  • They want to stay a bit longer with their parents
  • They prefer to stay awake and watch the activities happening at home.

There may be varied reasons why kids do not want to sleep, but fortunately there are numerous solutions for this.

The solutions are:

  • Fixing bedtime hours is a must for every parent. This timing must be maintained as the child grows
  • Be strict, don’t spoil them or try to provide reasons for their excuses. Ignore their demand to stay awake for few more minutes. It may take some time for them to learn not to give excuses and gradually they will themselves go to bed at fixed sleeping hours.
  • Following certain sleeping rituals will help them to sleep calmly. Some make them drink warm milk before going to bed, letting them take a shower before changing to night clothes and reading bedtime stories is sure to help them sleep. School going kids prefer to listen to music while resting on bed.
  • Don’t give them snacks before bedtime. It will be best to provide light meals before dinner.

If your baby isn’t ready to sleep and keeps you awake for long hours at night, try few proven remedies to solve the sleeping issues.

Here are few solutions:

  • You can play soft music instead of rocking your baby to sleep while singing lullaby.
  • Calm the crying baby by talking. Screaming and gagging is sure to reduce after a while.
  • Make sure the baby isn’t hungry or thirsty before putting him/her to sleep.
  • The mattress in the crib should be soft and comfortable. Limit the number of toys in the crib as crowding won’t help in creating comfortable environment to sleep.
  • Keep the light dim and the environment quiet to reduce the stress level of your child.
  • Placing them on their back while sleeping in crib will help them sleep long hours.
  • If toddlers wake up at night, let them move around and play for some time. Don’t pat them immediately to sleep. When they feel tired, they will automatically lie on the bed and go to sleep.

It is often seen that kids and babies fall asleep while the car is on the move even if it is for short while. Hence, making them sleep at night is a difficult task. If possible don’t plan to go outing before the sleeping time. Even a short nap will help them to stay active till mid night.

Infants sleep several hours in a day. However, the number of hours a child sleeps per day reduces as they grow. When a child feels sleepy, they often get irritated, squeeze their eyes or yawn multiples times. These signs show that they are ready to go to bed. This will be the best time to make them sleep on their own.

Be firm with toddlers and nursery school going children while making them sleep on their own separately. Always try to note any change in their sleeping behavior. If the child general health isn’t normal then there is sure to hinder their sleeping quality. It will be best to consult well known pedestrian in your locality.

Mattress, pillows, bedspread and bed sheet need to be of good quality. So, purchase a mattress that is comfortable for kids. Read the mattress reviews posted by earlier customers of popular sellers of bed accessories on online websites before purchasing the best one for your child.

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