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Utah High School Students Learn To Code During The Summer

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Starting last month, Utah high school students have the opportunity to polish up their computer coding skills and position themselves to take advantage of future employment opportunities in the demanding and ever-changing computer industry.

The summer camp program is called Success in Education. “Code to Success” has partnered with a Utah company, Bottega, which offers on-location and online training in the coding sciences -- together, they have put developed a nine week course for teenagers on basic software creation and coding that will give participants a significant edge when competing for jobs in ‘Silicon Slopes,’ or other coding hotspots.

The President of Success in Education, Rick Folkerson, says that while many students benefit from the study of software development coding, not all of them will pursue it as a career goal. Folkerson added however, that early learning opportunities in the complexities of coding can help young students understand the vital importance of this discipline and help guide them in career choices that will work for the software industry, and career paths they may pursue.

Folkerson is also the founder of Keys to Success that awards scholarships to a wide range of Utah students who collaborate with their teachers in learning relationships.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a national shortage of trained development applicants in the coming years that could be as high as one million. Right now the technological sector is one of the faster growing industries in the United States. And there are no signs of it leveling off in the near future. Eric Wold and Scott Schwab are the founders of Bottega, and in their opinion coding boot camps like the one currently being offered through Code to Success, are an important step in plugging that upcoming potential hole in the labor market. He especially wants to see the youth of Utah heavily involved in high end tech jobs in the near future. Wold is impressed with the intelligence and drive of young people in Utah, but he wants to make sure that they know about the diversity of the software development field nowadays. “There are opportunities for all types of individuals in the software industry today -- the boundaries are extremely fluid” he said.

Students who take the summer program will also gain access to ongoing training material courtesy of Pluralsight and they will be paired with professional mentors from local universities and the Utah tech community so they can begin to get serious about their coding expertise. The camp is designed along the Bottega model, which employs student-friendly delivery models that take the student from where they are to where they should be in easy and comprehensible steps. Folkerson feels strongly that the Bottega model will show participants a clear and attainable path to achievable goals in higher education, as well as future career opportunities in the software field.

Ninety-three students from the Alpine and Granite school areas successfully completed the course last year, and 2017’s coding boot camp has expanded that coverage to include ten school districts encompassing fourteen campuses in Utah. Over five hundred students from these districts will participate in the Code to Success bootcamp.

Anyone interested in learning more about this great opportunity or to apply online, can visit the website of Code to Success for full details.

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