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Top Home Security Tips for the Modern Family

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One FBI crime report noted that more than one in three break-ins occur due to an unforced entry. This means that families have had a trespasser or burglar walk into their home, simply because they failed to properly lock a door or window.

As noted by home security specialist, Cory from Neighbourhood Garage Door Service, “…it doesn’t matter how impressive an installed garage door is members of the household fail to lock it or activate its security features…”

So, to keep the home safe, everyone needs to play their part by effectively securing the entry points by locking doors and windows as appropriate, and properly securing any spare keys.

While one third of home break-ins happen because of the carelessness of members of the household, many others happen due to forced entries, like picking of locks and breaking of windows.

Contrary to what a burglar might like you to think, homeowners can actually put in place security measures that make breaking into a home more of a challenge than the average burglar would care to pursue.

These security measures will add an extra layer of security to entry points and deter most criminals and trespassers from trying to force their way in.

1. Doors

Your doors (be it the back or front door) are obvious entry points that burglars or trespassers will first try, but you can make your home unappealing to criminals by putting in place the following:

  • Secure deadbolts

High-quality deadbolts are arguably the most secure type of lock you can install on your door. a Regardless of its quality, a deadbolt will be rendered impotent if it is improperly installed. If you are going to DIY your deadbolt installation, make sure you know what you’re doing. To be on the safe side, you can simply hire a pro to get it done for you.

  • Quality doors

Putting a solid door at the front and hollow-core door at the back isn’t a great idea. Yes, it saves cost, but at the same time compromises your home’s security.

So, ensure solid metal or wooden doors that offer more security are installed over your home’s primary and secondary entry points.

  • Increase visibility

Burglars like to operate in the shadows. If you take away a burglar’s cover of darkness, they’ll be less inclined to attempt breaking into your home. Make sure lights are placed over all your doors to illuminate them at night. Adequate lighting not only lets your entry points be properly seen by anyone passing by your home, it also ensures you can see who is knocking or fumbling at your door at night through the peephole.

Garage Doors

Johnny, another industry expert from top brand, Neighbourhood Garage Door Services, warns that “an improperly installed or low-quality garage door can hugely compromise a homeowner’s safety. This is why it’s recommended you consult a professional before installing a garage door or garage door opener…”

There are two means by which your garage door can be forced open. The first type of breach can be caused by an inadequacy in the door’s design.

Typical garage doors have a safety release installed that lets you open the door manually during emergencies. These safety latches can be reached by burglars with a hanger to open the garage door, but you can secure such latches by using a zip-tie. A burglar’s hanger can’t break a zip-tie.

Secondly, garage door openers produced after 2004 are usually more secure. This is because such openers have a significantly reduced likelihood of another remote opener being able to open them. Older garage door openers had limited security features and doors could usually be opened by opener remotes from the same brand.

Also, regardless of the type of opener remote you have, try not to leave it in your car. If your car is burgled, not only has the thief gained access to your vehicle, but they would have also gained access to your home.


Your home has many windows - all of which are potential points of entry for a criminal or trespasser. You can optimise the security of your windows by ensuring they all have strong frames and sturdy locks. If your window doesn’t currently have a strong lock, you can easily buy a sturdy one at little cost and even install it yourself over the course of a weekend.

You can also improve the security of your windows by making them less breakable. You can do this by fixing security film over windows. If a burglar tries breaking a window with security film, this feature will hold the broken pieces together and restrict access.

Also, try to avoid doors with decorative windows, as these can be easily broken to give a burglar access to your door locks. If you want to fully secure your windows, you can install decorative ones, but also place strong bars across them. Not many people like this option, as it can make them feel like prisoners in their own homes. However, if you want that extra security, it’s a very effective feature indeed.

In conclusion, putting applying these important security principles are sure ways to secure your home’s entry points. But if you want full security for your entire home, consider installing a complete home security system that will secure all your entries and sound an alarm in the event of a breach. There are also home security systems that allow you monitor your property’s security remotely.

And if you’d prefer a low tech approach, you could get a guard dog or two depending on the size of your property. Not only will a well-trained guard dog protect your home and family, its mere presence is a powerful deterrent that will scare off a typical burglar.

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