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Top 5 Essentials You Need for Your Dog This Winter

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We all have pets and most of us have a dog or even more than one. They are after all our kid’s best friends and just like we care for our kids we care for our four legged companions. Therefore, you need these top 5 essentials for your dog this winter.

You have to keep your dog warm in winter.

Not all the dogs in the world are given a thick layer of hair or double layered winter coats. If you live in cold climates you have 2 options that you can do for your dog. Firstly, you can allow him/her to stay inside and dress him or her up warmly when going outside to do their business. Just think how you would feel if you have to go outside in your underwear.

Below is a list of the top 5 essentials you will need for your dog. So, if you don’t have some of these items you must make sure to get some before winter arrives.

1. Sweaters

Sweaters are one of the most important things for winters. Especially, for those short hair dogs. You can make you dog a sweater if you love making things or you can buy one at the local pet shop or even online. You must make sure that the sweater is durable for the winter.


Another thing to take into account is that the sweater is open where it matters, as you don’t want to have to remove and wash it every time they go outside. If not, you are going to have to clean him/her and their sweater a few times a day.

2. Boots

Just like a human, a dog can also get frostbite. Dogs get frostbite on the little pad on their feet. On most dogs, the little pads under their feet are not covered with hair. So, if you live in an area that you get snow through the winter it is better to get your doggy some nice warm booties.

Your dog might not like the feeling of the boots at first but in the end, he or she will be grateful that you bought the boots.

3. Winter Coats

If your dog has a sweater it is fine for indoor and when it is not snowing. When the weather gets a little bit too cold the sweater is not going to be enough to keep your doggy warm. Thus, I think it is best that you also buy your doggy a winter dog coat.


Make sure that the winter coat is a nice thick insulated one that is also waterproof because snow is rain just in a powdery form. Therefore, it will penetrate a normal coat and make your dog extra cold.

If your dog loves to go for walks, but you can’t seem to get him or her to go for a walk, it may be because the weather is too cold for your dog. He or she does not want to go for a walk if they are going to be shivering the entire way.

4. Snowsuit

You get little doggies that have like no hair on their bodies and does not quite have enough fat on their bodies to keep them warm. These dogs even if they have a sweater on or a winter coat might still get cold. In such a case you can have a look at a snowsuit or tracksuit. It is a full bodysuit that will even keep the legs of your dog warm as well.


Just remember the boots for your doggy in addition to the clothing. Consequently, he or she is so nice and warmly dressed that going out for a walk is no longer an issue.

5. Heated pad or a heated blanket for the dog bed

If you are a person that does not like your dog to sleep on the bed, you can get them their own heated blanket. Without a warm bed, your dog will definitely get on your bed for some heat.

Hence, for those that have dogs that are not allowed on the bed make sure to get your dog a heated pad or a heated blanket. You won’t like to sleep on the floor with just a blanket would you. All these apply to dogs sleeping outside in doghouses as well. If you are cold, they will also be cold.

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