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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Windows Sparkling Clean

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Keeping your window clean is very difficult and some seasons make it harder to do. There is always something that will dirty your window. The stains on your windows may be there for different reasons such as hand prints left by your children, dog or cat footprints, there may be a nose stain, or it can even just be a plain dirt and dust stains.


There are so many reasons why your windows get dirty no matter how often you clean them. Normal square or rectangle windows always seem easier to clean. However, round shaped windows, diamond and others can be a breeze as well.

Trying to clean your window with things you bought at the shop may leave marks at times, leaving you in a worse situation than with the stain or dirt. Well, don’t worry because I’m going to give you some awesome tip and tricks to keeping your windows clean and sparkling.

Firstly, here are some recipes I’m going to give you using household items that are not expensive. These products you can get in most shops and these recipes are highly effective.

So, let’s get to mixing up some glass cleaner. When your shop bought glass cleaner is finished just rinse the bottle out and you can use it again for your homemade glass cleaner.

Homemade Glass Cleaner

2 tablespoons ammonia

½ cup rubbing alcohol

¼ teaspoon mild non-antibacterial soap or hand cleaner

Mix all ingredients well. Use a funnel and pour your mixture into your rinsed bottle (preferably a spray bottle).

How to use: Just spray it on your window that you want to clean and then just wipe it off with a soft window cloth. If you don’t have one uses a crumpled-up newspaper. It works just as well.

Using newsprint instead of paper towels and rags may leave your hands dirty but your windows will be sparkling clean.

You can also dip the newspaper into the mixture before you pour it into the bottle. Just please remember to wear gloves when doing this. You can wipe downwards with the wet newspaper and to finish it, dry of the windows with dry newspaper.

Another thing you can use is the paper filters for your coffee machine. So, at the end of the month buy two packs instead of one so that you still have paper filters for your coffee in the morning. The paper filters will leave your window sparkling and clean, plus, they will also keep your hands clean.

You can do the same with the coffee filters as the newspaper. Dip the filter in the mixture and clean the window with a downwards motion and when done, dry the window off with a dry coffee filter. Remember to please wear your gloves when doing this (rubber or vinyl gloves).

Do you remember when you were at school and your teacher asked you to clean his/her blackboard with those eraser blocks for blackboards? As a small child you saw it as being an honor, yet, in high school, you may have felt it was a punishment for misbehaving.

Now that you are all grown up those old fashioned blackboard erasers may once again leave you feeling proud as you look through your sparkling clean window. After you washed and dried your window with newspaper or a coffee filter, take a clean dry blackboard eraser and rub it over your window to remove any streaks that might be left. Thus, leaving your windows with a diamond bright shine. These are also very nice for getting into corners and for round windows.

You can also clean your glass canopies, glass doors, storefront windows, shower doors and any other glass windows or doors in your home or shop using these.

A great tip to keep in mind for when you clean your windows is to not do it when the sun is shining directly on the glass, nor if there is a warm, dry wind blowing outside.

If the glass gets too warm while you are cleaning the window and cleaner will get dry and you will be left with streaks, spots and not mentioning the dirt you were trying to get off in the first place. So, the best time to clean your windows is in the early mornings and late afternoons. Nonetheless, it will also depend on the direction your windows are facing.

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