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Challenge: Walking the Talk

Three Guidelines to Lead By Example For Your Kids

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It's not what you say, it's what you do.

This rule of thumb will assist you greatly when you're trying to set an example and carve out a solid foundation for your kids. They grow up fast and will need to see you lead in order to become full actualized adults.

If you're looking into leading by example, there are three bedrocks you need to build your foundation with if you're hoping to see results. Start with these three tips below and you will see your family life take off.

Have a "Nothing is Off Limits" Policy

The problem that 90% of parents run into is having their kids withhold information that's troubling them, because the child feels they can't talk to them about it.

While privacy or feeling embarrassed about certain subjects is completely natural and human, you owe it to yourself and your kids to create a place of comfort. To do this, you need to let your kids know that they can talk to you about absolutely anything.

Bear in mind that this is 1,000 times harder for you than it could ever be for them. Parents have shame, guilt and fear like anyone else, so this can make it difficult for you to open the floor for certain subjects. Also, since they're your kids, it's difficult to see them as independent human beings that have their own thoughts and feelings.

By being fearful about certain subjects, you'll project that fear onto your kids, making it difficult for them to be honest. Create an atmosphere where your child can share absolutely anything with you -- even it it's embarrassing, and even if it hurts.

This way, when they are really in trouble, your kids will feel safe coming to you.

Use Play For Growth and Learning

Play is the first place that kids begin to learn about the world.

In fact, the play stage is scientifically one of the modes of development that all kids go through. This is why you'll see young kids playing house and even imitating their parents. It's how they interpret the world and begin learning about societal norms.

You can get strategic with play to make sure that you're imparting foundational lessons. For instance, playing dress up can not only teach kids how to dress themselves and coordinate, but can also include lessons about going to work and living life as a responsible adult.

As parents, you and your partner can intentionally create lessons through regular play, to make sure that your child is learning by example and internalizing messages.

Live as an Example of Health

Finally, make sure that you are being an example in one of the most difficult and appointment areas of all -- your health.

With things like heart disease, depression, and diabetes running ramping in society, you need to help your kids take control of what they can control by developing healthy eating habits and exercise.

They will follow your lead when you buy healthy groceries and get plenty of activity. This way, you won't have to worry about your child developing a sweet tooth and bad habits.

Consider these tips so that you can lead by example.

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