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This Silicone Baking Sheet Divider Will Change Baking

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Conjuring up melt in mouth cupcakes, yummy chocolate brownies and homemade scones fills our senses with captivating aroma and spreads delicious, positive vibes all around us.The word “baking” has historically represented comfort food in our minds, but has slowly gained wider recognition through meat and vegetable roasting.Considering the meal prepping craze of the mid 2010’s, it’s about time we incorporate some innovation into baking. Baking has been given a radical makeover with the influx of the Bakesplit, a silicone baking sheet divider. This immensely functional product is slowly gaining recognition in the baker’s market and is venturing to become the most innovative baking product of the 20th century.

Inside your kitchen right now, you have metal bakeware in various shapes and sizes. Thankfully, the Bakesplit expands and adjusts to every piece of metal bakeware. This is excellent for reducing the kitchenware clutter in your household, preparing multiple types of food on the same sheet, and making cleaning VERY simple.


Let’s dive in to the benefits:

Interdietary Cooking Made Easy

Let’s imagine having a lactose intolerant family member. No longer are you required to prepare multiple dishes to cater specifically to a single person’s needs. Simple split your sheet, provide the heat, and restore happiness to family! Cookies that are dairy-free can now be baked easily on the very same sheet simultaneously without any ingredients getting mixed. Here are a few additional combinations that will save your marriage:

  • 1.Meat & Vegetarian
  • 2.Spicy & Mild
  • 3.Gluten & Gluten-Free

Full Meals on a Single Sheet- Save Time, Save Money!

A healthy life can only be ensured by good nutrition. Do you want to be medically boring? Absolutely! Attaining your health and fitness goals easily is no longer a challenge if you are splitting your sheets regularly. A single baking sheet can now help you to cook a whole meal. One side can be stacked with potatoes, squash or asparagus while the other side can be filled with fish, chicken or beef. Also, for fellow meal preppers, expect your happiness to substantially increase. Multiple flavorsof meal chicken breast will solve your meal prep fatigue.


The Features

Here are a handful of patented features that will take your baking game to the next level:

  • It Expands! Telescoping arms expand and contract from 9.5” to 16” (24 to 40cm)
  • It Adjusts! The adjustable cup feature at the end of this crazy thing will adjust to your bakeware with varying design.
  • IT’S MAGNETIC!? Yes! – TheBakesplit comes with food-grade magnets that and keeps the product in place.

Bakesplit makes everything easier. Save time cooking, save time cleaning, reach your health and fitness goals, save your marriage- the list goes on and on. Want more information? Check out the silicone baking sheet divider homepage, and if you’re REALLY interested, join the mailing list for a 20% off offer.Welcome to baking 2.0!


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