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These Gadgets Are Nothing Short of a Modern Day Mother’s Helper

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Being a mother can sometimes seem like sheer madness. How is anyone supposed to do everything required of motherhood? Sometimes it feels like an impossible task. Over half of working mothers report feeling stressed about balancing their responsibilities.

How have women done this for so many thousands of years? For starters, they didn’t have boardrooms in the bronze age. But on the downside, they also didn’t have apps, wireless cameras, and the internet of things (IoT).

Luckily we live in rapidly evolving times, and technology is starting to catch up to the many needs of being a Mom. Check out these gadgets and devices designed to help new Moms cope.

Rock Me Mamaroo Like a Wagon Wheel

All parents have taken the long way home in the hopes that their baby will fall asleep in the car seat. And don’t be embarrassed if you’ve even taken the baby for a spin around the block just to get them to nap! You’re not alone.

But now there’s a smart rocker that mimics the feeling of a car ride. The Mamaroo, by 4moms, has multiple settings, including a more natural swaying motion patterned after the way your arms feel when you’re rocking the baby to sleep.

The Mamaroo is Bluetooth enabled, so you can easily control it from your smartphone or tablet.

Your Own UV Protection Robot

Speaking of being connected, there are an estimated 8.4 billion objects connected to the internet this year. The ever-expanding world of IoT has developed a fuller than ever home ecosystem of smart appliances and domestic tech products.

Now you can add to that ShadeCraft’s SUNFLOWER, the world’s first robotic UV protection device. It mimics the heliotropic way that the face of a sunflower follows the sun, so when you’re outside relaxing with your baby it keeps the shade on you. SUNFLOWER uses AI and internet of things (IoT) connectivity to provide more than just optimal protection from the sun. Packed with patent pending technology, SUNFLOWER is no ordinary umbrella.

Moreover, it tells you when the danger of UV exposure is high--and that’s not necessarily when it’s the sunniest. The SUNFLOWER has an impressive roster of high tech features, like weather and air quality sensors to protect your health, built in security cameras and a speaker system. It even protects itself by closing up if it’s too windy. And of course, it’s solar charging.

Baby, Shush!

Sometimes you just can’t figure out why the baby is crying. They’re tired? Nope, they just napped. Need a diaper? Nope, it’s clean. Hungry? They’re literally breastfeeding right now--or would be if they weren’t screaming your ear off instead.

Thank heavens for the BabyShusher, a portable audio pod that mimics the ambient noise of the womb. It works like magic, soothing the baby into a state of relaxation so you can come back to sanity.

It’s such a simple concept, someone really should have invented this sooner.

Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Try as you may, you really can’t be everywhere at once. But a good household camera system can at least give you eyes over your dominion.

Blink home security cameras keep your front porch packages safe from theft. But they also work great as baby video monitors, and can even save the life of your toddler at play. The live HD video goes right to your mobile device, and includes features like motion sensor alerts.

Blink cameras are weatherproof for the outdoors, and night vision ready for the wee hours. Plus, the battery lasts long enough that your baby will be walking and talking before you have to replace it!

Keeping Track So You Don’t Have To

The cycles of feed, change, nap, repeat just never seem to stop. It all becomes a blur, especially during those first few months. Sometimes you aren’t even sure if it’s day or night!

Don’t ask your overtaxed, sleep deprived brain to try to remember when the last dirty diaper was. Leave that to Nighp Software’s Baby Tracker app. It keeps track of feedings (breast milk or solid food), naps and diapers--your new most popular topics of conversation.

The app provides a much needed assist for sleep weary minds, and is an excellent communication device for parents. When one parent steps in to give the other a break, they can simply check the app for a quick update on what’s going on in babyland.

With the expanding world of IoT technology, a few apps and gadgets, and a little craftiness, you may not feel like you need eight arms anymore. Instead, you can Mom the modern way and let your tech-savvy home setup carry some of the workload. That leaves you more time to focus on your career, catch up on R&R, and of course, spend quality time with your baby.

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