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The ultimate 2017 holiday gift list for health conscious parents and spouses

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If you're wondering what to get that health conscious adult friend on your holiday list this year, don't worry. This is going to cover all things health and holiday. The 2 usually don't go together, I know. But just wait til you see some of the things I'm going to show you. I'll be updating this throughout the next few weeks as I come across anything new I might find. Here we go:

1. Preworkout drink


While there are literally 100s to choose from, there are not that many preworkout drinks that are compatible to every diet and lifestyle. Gluten intolerance, irritable bowels, caffeine sensitivity, etc. There's one that I've found that literally works for every single person who's tried it. And it was tested on 35 million chickens before being turned into a product for human consumption to emphatically rule out the placebo effect. It's called Nanohydr8. You can get it here online only.

2. Doughnuts


Yes, you read that right. A health conscious snack that doesn't sacrifice taste? It's possible! In one year's time, Silicon Valley-based startup, The Dough Bar, has ignited an undeniable buzz in the protein product community by offering an alternative to the traditional bar or shake -- a doughnut. But not just any doughnut. These doughnuts are packed with 11 grams of protein and made from a healthy blend of high quality ingredients. They're also baked (not fried!) and shipped directly to consumers across the United States within days to ensure freshness. Each one comes with individually packaged toppings and glazes, providing accurate nutritional value and the ability to indulge in moderation.

3. Digestive Aid


This digestive blend by Gains in Bulk contains potent, patented and university researched plant enzymes, probiotics and organic minerals to ensure all foods are broken down to useable energy. Lactose, Casein and even Gluten peptides are broken down, eliminating digestive bloat. A highly specific combination of protein digestive enzymes and probiotics create up to 300% higher level of amino acids circulating in the bloodstream from the proteins you eat. This means you can get 3x the amino acids delivered from your protein choice whether it is Whey, Casein, Chicken, Tuna, Beef or any other protein you might consume. More nutrients delivered at the cellular level from the foods you eat creates higher anabolism (muscle growth), faster fat reduction (through increased fat digestion) and more energy (better glycogen production). Even when you compare with other less potent digestive formulas (most don’t have probiotics and organic minerals to go along with enzymes), you will see the Athlete Digestive Formula is usually half the price of others per capsule. Recommended Use: Take 1-2 capsules at each meal that contains cooked or processed foods. Can be taken between meals to help with bloating or any digestive concern.

4. Leggings (for women)


After dozens of prototypes, eating her feelings and much self doubt, The #Bootyscrunch seam was finally perfected. Since the beginning, Celeste has changed and modified the design since the launch and continues to strive for the perfect fit.

Celeste creates all the custom, signature designs herself. Celestial Bodiez is for anyone who likes to feel good about themselves and their body. This is the Era of the Booty. Join the movement. Celestial Bodiez is for bodies out of this world!

5. Sweats (for men)

Vanquish Khaki Flux Tapered SweatpantsVQfit improved their bestselling Flux Tapered Sweatpants to bring you the ultimate tapered skinny fit. They've removed the drop crotch element & tapered the silhouette to perfection.

Materials: The new Flux Sweatpants are crafted from completely unique fabrics that have been purposely manufactured to exact specifications: combining stretchy durable fabrics with the best seasonal colors.

6. Pizza


The owner of The Protein Pizza has been a personal trainer and nutritional coach for seven years. Over those years there was a common theme amongst his clients, “What alternative supplements can I take that taste better than protein powders?” With the supplement industry producing monotonous concepts, he decided to start something different. Having Italian in his family he figured why not start with one of the most popular foods; pizza! After spending a year perfecting the recipe he finally arrived at his goal: a delicious, protein packed, healthy pizza. From IFBB Pro Athletes, to NFL players, Moms and kids- they made made this pizza for you.

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