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The One Thing Only Adoptive Parents Understand

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A few years ago, my husband was based in Asia. We had just gotten married at that time. We were young, starting out, and living in a very exciting place.

It was our first time to be living away from home and we found it very exciting. Although we had traveled a lot, it was the very first time to be away from both our families.

We enjoyed living in Asia. Our life was very different there. We lived in a gated community and we had household help. Those were the perks that I really enjoyed. Imagine, I never had to worry about household chores as I had an army of helpers who were very loyal and very hard working. We even had a driver, who would drive me around. I truly enjoyed a life of leisure.

I was very happy but the best was yet to come. My husband and I were trying to conceive but for some reasons we just couldn’t. Part of the reason was that my husband was always traveling. So, for some time, we sort of set aside the plan of having a child. We were really just enjoying our wonderful life. We had no idea that our lives would even be more wonderful.

Everything happened so fast. A little baby boy came into our lives unexpectedly. There was no way we could turn our back on such a wonderful surprise. Immediately, my husband made arrangements for adoption.

In an instant, I became a mom. At first, I was shocked. I had no idea what to do. It was great though that I had a wonderful household who helped with childcare. It was my first time to have a child and I couldn’t have done it without them.

As time went on, everything just fell into place. The little boy who made me an instant mom opened up a whole new world. Although some people were telling me and husband how lucky our new son was to have us as parents; in reality, we felt that we were the lucky ones. I guess that is something only adoptive parents can understand.

We left Asia a couple of years ago. We had brought back home the wonderful memories of the birthplace of our first child. Now, we have more kids and my husband and I love them all.

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