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Challenge: Pregnancy Secrets

The Many Reasons to Love and Embrace Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an amazing thing. The ability to create another human being inside yourself.

I’ve always founds the entire process fascinating. How the baby slowly develops from just a tiny egg, growing arms, fingers, toes, a brain, and working organs. Whether you’re religious or not, the process truly is a miracle.

Some women love being pregnant. The hormones and estrogen are flowing, you can feel the baby moving inside you, reminding you that there’s a life taking form. Pregnant women have a certain glow about them - an internal happiness that shines through. There’s something about seeing a baby bump that instantly puts a smile on people’s faces and melts their hearts.

There are countless other reasons to embrace those 40 weeks of pregnancy. Here are just a few.

The Ability to Eat Without Guilt

Did you know that 50% of women in the U.S. are on a diet at any given time? A majority of the female sex is obsessed with their weight, their waistline, and just about every piece of food that passes through their lips.

But not when they’re pregnant! This is the one time in life when most women ease up on themselves and give a green light to indulge and enjoy whatever cravings she and baby want. Some women will experience intense cravings, while others will have strong aversions to certain foods.

Listen to your body and your baby - they’ll tell you what you need. It’s also suggested to remain physically active during pregnancy. Most doctors will allow women to continue the same level of physical activity as they performed prior to pregnancy, at a lesser intensity.

Being Spoiled

Once you become a mother, your needs and desires often take a backseat to those of your family. And that’s okay - it’s a normal and natural motherly instinct to sacrifice for your children. Which is even more reason to enjoy every minute of pregnancy where people are constantly asking, “What can I do for you? What do you need?” or telling you to, “Sit down. Put your feet up. Rest.” Whatever you do - listen!

Take advantage of this time where you are the center of attention and everyone is looking to do things for you. Want ice cream at midnight? Your husband will likely find the nearest 24 hour convenience store and entertain your desires. Need a foot rub? Friends and family will kindly oblige. Enjoy this time, because once the baby arrives, you’ll likely be the one doing all the running around!


Growing a baby is hard work! You’ll find yourself extremely tired and fatigued, especially during your first trimester. The entire makeup of your body is changing. During these first three months, your hormones are fluctuating, your blood sugar and blood pressure levels are decreased and your body is working hard to carry extra nutrients to the baby.

This is the one time where afternoon naps are completely acceptable, and encouraged. If you find yourself feeling sleepy, take a rest. Lay down on the couch or curl up in bed. Give your body the rest it needs. It’s your baby’s way of telling you to slow down. Embrace the opportunity to nap, trust me, you’ll be wishing for sleep in just a few short months!

Keeping a Secret

There are so few secrets in life - my husband’s words, not mine. And he’s right. This was his testament to why we shouldn’t find out the sex of our baby. Finding out your child’s gender before they arrive is more common now than ever. Which has also given birth to gender reveal parties.

But for those who either decide not to find out the sex, or find out but don’t share the news, it’s like having a precious secret that only you and your partner know. It’s an intimate and special thing. If you do find out the sex and share it, you can always keep the baby’s name a secret.

One of the most exciting secrets to keep is the actual news that you and your partner are expecting. During those first 12 weeks only you two, and perhaps select family members, know the truth. Subtle hints might have people guessing like your lack of interest in alcoholic beverages, your fatigue or those oversized sweaters you’re wearing, but most people won’t ask. And that means you’re carrying a precious miracle that no one knows about, and that’s pretty neat!

The Beauty of Life

Every moment of pregnancy isn’t always a delight. Like with anything in life, pregnancy has its pros and cons. Some women will experience morning sickness, bloating, and mood swings. But those are such minimal and insignificant moments when you view the process as a whole.

Those women who adore being pregnant often do it time and again. Some even say they would be pregnant all the time if they could! And that’s where the beauty of surrogacy comes in. For those women who cannot get pregnant, there are other options.

You’d be surprised at the number of women who are willing to carry a baby for another woman. It’s an unspoken female bond that drives one woman to gift another with a child of their own. There are many things to consider like the emotional elements, as well as the surrogate mother cost. But for most, no cost is too high when it comes to giving the gift of life. And pregnancy, in all forms, truly is a gift.

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