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The Best Wines For Working Mothers

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As being a mom can practically be a full-time job, it’s hard to find the time to focus on you. With taking care of the kids, going to work, and doing upkeep around the house, it seems like there’s a whirlwind of activity at all time. And for those looking to unwind with a glass of wine, it can be tougher than you think to secure some time for it.

According to the Wine Institute, Americans drink on average 949 million gallons of wine per year, a staggering statistic when you consider that it ranks lower than beer and liquor in terms of the hierarchy of consumption. As there are numerous variations in terms of price, quality, and region it came from, having something around as your go-to stock can be a tough choice.

After all, wine can go quick, and with such a hectic schedule, it can be a huge burden to constantly be picking new bottles out. However, that’s why we’ve compiled a few tips on some wines to buy that will both be affordable, as well as allow you to keep a solid rotation going. Check them out below:

Organic and Sustainable Choices

One of the biggest trends in the wine industry right now is the growth of organic and sustainable wine choices. According to a survey conducted on wine consumption by Wine Business, 51% of women 21-24 say that buying organic is an important factor when making their wine decision, with 38% of total women consumers stating it’s a significant aspect to their purchases as well. And with their booming popularity, these wines are becoming much cheaper.

Beyond just the health aspects of buying organic, a lot of folks swear by the overall quality. If you’re looking for a good introduction to what’s available, the folks over at The Reverse Wine Snob have compiled a list here of some choices under $20.

Boxed Wines

Boxed wine is an excellent choice for any mother on the go. What was once considered a bottom of the barrel selection has now transformed into having an exceptional mid to high-level variety. According to a piece by Forbes on the popularity of boxed wines, some retailers have seen double digit growth in their sales since introducing the product, a trend that doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon.

Where boxed wine succeeds over bottled is the aspect that it caters more towards the casual wine drinker, especially those that only have a glass or two with dinner or at the end of the night. Because it doesn’t require recorking or even sitting out, the flavor is consistent and avoids spoilage or becoming sour. Plus, boxed wines hold much more volume, saving you from having to buy multiple bottles at a time or additional trips to the store. With a tremendous selection of flavors and brands, boxed wine can be an ideal choice for the mom that’s looking to have something on tap that saves both money and time.

Value Wines

There’s a common misconception that cheap wine is bad wine, but then again, those who argue that may not appreciate wine for what the complex flavors it holds. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of excellent choices out there for under $5, all you need to do is search around. Some popular go-to’s that give you the most bang for your buck include the varieties from places like Trader Joe’s, Aldi (in fact, Aldi’s $8 rose was recently named one of the best wines in the world) and even Whole Foods has a $3 variety. While it’s largely contingent upon the type of wine you like to drink as well as breaking down your preferences in terms of preservatives and sugar content, these wines can be an excellent choice to stock up on.

As a busy mom, running back and forth to the store is never an ideal situation to be in, so having a case or two from some of the wines listed above can be ideal to ensure you’ve got something at home. Additionally, stocking up on a few different types of wines is an excellent way to win over your guest’s preference when it comes to hosting. Plus, with a numerous amount of varieties available, finding something you can drink consistently will be a breeze.

With so many different choices for the do-everything mom, any of the choices above can suit your style and taste to a T. Which variety will you go with?

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