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The Best Vacation Ideas for June

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May might be one of the most beautiful months of the year, and one that the poets and musicians like to write and sing about -- but Mother Nature can still be a cranky old lady during those 31 days -- making it difficult to get into the real spirit of vacationing while worrying about a sudden freeze or gale-force winds. But once the calendar pages flip over to June it’s like good old Mother Nature takes a chill pill -- the weather is steadily warm and wonderful; the skies are blue; and the wide open road calls to the gypsy in everyone. June is definitely THE vacation month!

Head for the cabin!

Whether you own your own rustic chalet or are renting one for a few weeks, cabin-living is a great way to spend your vacation time. There are great cabin deals all over the United States, typified best by Big Bear Cabins in southern California. With hundreds of styles, sizes, and prices to choose from, it’s a family friendly and pocketbook friendly idea to rent a cabin. And you can find good rentals anywhere from the Ozarks to the shores of Lake Superior to a quiet lake down east in the Maine woods. The key to getting a great deal is simple -- book as far in advance as you possibly can for that wonderful June vacation.

Be a festival freak!

June is when cities, counties, even entire states, hold festivals celebrating heritage, food, history, music, and much, much more. Towns that spend most of the year in relative obscurity blossom into delirious carnivals.

Can’t get your fill of strawberries? Come on out to Moorestown, NJ, for their Annual Strawberry Festival the second week in June. Walk the Art Trail in Lubbock, TX, the second weekend in June -- maybe you’ll discover the next Picasso! The City of Brotherly Love turns into Suds Love until June 11 with the annual Philly Beer Week. And don’t you dare miss the Annual Milwaukee Circus Parade -- scheduled this year for June 18th. And if you’re into Country/Western music, plan to attend the Country LakeShake in Chicago on June 23rd.

Go fish!

If you love fishing but don’t want to pay for a non-resident fishing license (which can now run up to one-hundred dollars in some states) you should keep your eye peeled for free fishing days -- every state now has at least one day when everyone can fish for free. Some states, like Colorado and Arkansas, have a free fishing week. And in Minnesota if you’re 65 or older you can fish for free whenever you like! Many national and state parks also offer free fishing days and/or discount fishing licences for outstate vacationers.

Get a free pass to the zoo!

And did you know that June is both National Zoo Month and National Aquarium Month? So plan your vacation travels around cities that have great zoos and aquariums -- because during the month of June almost every one of them will have free admission for at least part of the month.

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