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The 8 Best Places To Get Kid's Clothes

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Picking out the right clothes for your children is often a painstaking process. Getting the sizes right and choosing designs that work only to replace that clothing a few months later can end up being an expensive and cumbersome ordeal - but it doesn’t have to be that way. In the past few years, online retail stores specializing in resales have been growing at the tremendous pace of about 35% per year.

The rapid pace of growth in reselling kid’s clothes has created a boom in the online market space. Clothing companies are quickly filling up the online ranks as a result of this increase in consumer interest and demand. The ability to quickly locate clothing sizes and styles as well as bargain prices for used clothing has greatly simplified the process of finding kid’s clothing. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful examples of online clothing retailers.

  1. H&M

While H&M is certainly not a used clothing retailer, their online platform and sales model are considerable. The site has a specific section dedicated to baby and kid’s clothing and a number of sorting options on the right hand side that categories the clothing by age. Additionally, there are helpful overviews of seasonal promotions and pictures with text descriptions about the attributes of each piece of clothing to help guide visitors.

  1. Carter’s

Carter’s is another retailer that specializes quite a bit in selling kid’s clothing. They have significant domestic and international markets and report a 2% increase in sales growth during the first quarter of 2017. Again, the online market segment forms a sizable part of the driving force behind this growth in sales due to how the site is designed with conversion strategies like coupons and big price cuts that function to draw in visitors.

  1. Old Navy

Old Navy takes a slightly different approach to their online marketing effort because they focus the visitor’s attention on clearance deals using a catalogue instead of filling the landing page with coupons and promotions. We’re presented with an appealing set of clothes as soon as we visit the page with organization and sorting options on the left hand side. Currently, Old Navy seems to have a grasp on clothing and jerseys branded with team names.

  1. Crazy8

Crazy8 advertises online using an inverted strategy in relation to Old Navy. Where Old Navy shows the visitor the product right away by placing a catalogue on their front page, Crazy8 almost exclusively ignores providing specific samples and fills their landing page with vibrant deals and offers. Their marketing strategy focuses on seasonal and categorical (i.e. tees or dresses) promotions to draw in visitors and help parents locate a favorable deal.

  1. Boohoo

Boohoo really plays up the visual and design aspects of their page to help visitors locate the appropriate clothing for their children. In addition, they post a number of conditional deals on the very top of their landing page in order to encourage buying behaviors that focus on people looking to purchase a set of clothing and to make time-sensitive decisions. This cleanly polarizes visitors into a buying and a non-buying segment and expedites the purchasing process.

  1. Swap

So far we’ve taken a brief look at online retailers that aren’t resellers. But Swap is one of the biggest and most comprehensive online resellers of children’s clothing. They have multiple categories and search functions to help you locate the clothing you want for your children. Further, each clothing item is tagged with information on how much use it has gone through and the typical age of a child who wears it to boost selection. An icon with a percentage on the side of certain items help indicate sales and reduced prices.

  1. Once Upon A Child

Once Upon A Child has a model that focuses on the exchange element of reselling, and works explicitly as a buyer and seller’s market for gently used clothing serving very young children to even 20-year-olds. The store has an attractive banner claiming to pay cash for gently used children’s clothing and gear to entice potential sellers, and has clear guidelines on the quality and criteria with which they use to select the appropriate clothing.

  1. CCS

CCS markets itself as an outlet for skating clothing, but it really sticks out as a marketplace for informal wear most attractive to teenagers. From hats, tees, and shoes, CCS offers an extensive selection so that you can choose from a wide variety of brands but also create a personalized, cohesive style at the same time. Additionally, returns to correct for sizing issues are free and fast.

As parents, there are a number of online outlets, resellers, and boutiques that you can choose from to conveniently address the problem of finding suitable children’s clothing. Instead of flipping through mountains of clothes and comparing prices in your head, you can now do everything from a computer with the touch of a few buttons. It’s surprising how capable online platforms have become, right?

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