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The 5-Minute Mom Hack That Will Make Over Your Kid's Morning Routine

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“It's time to get up.” “Come on, I need you to start moving.”

“Please get up and go to the bathroom.”

“All right, it’s really time to wake up now, otherwise we will be late.”

This is how just about every morning waking up for kindergarten went for my kiddo.

Our morning routine needed an overhaul, but where should I start? Once out of bed, getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, and packing up was a breeze. My guy is super responsible and ready to tackle the day… but as for actually waking up, that’s not quite so easy for him to do.

Alarm clocks, music, poking and prodding weren’t working, and then we found the perfect trick.

I started reflecting on what my son responds best to, what his love language is.

It’s without a doubt time and touch.

So how could I use time and touch to help him wake up, get him started on the right foot, and in a pleasant mood? Time and touch.

Our new morning routine starts with a 5-minute timer solely for cuddles and massages.

I crawl into my big 6 year old’s bed, wrap my arms around him tightly, and I hold him. I feel his chest move up and down as he breathes, and he begins to wiggle slightly under my weight. “Good morning bud, it’s time to cuddle” I whisper.

He snuggles into me and I rub his back and stroke his hair. Without fail, I’m flooded with memories of snuggling him as a baby, he’s always loved touch. Massages and deep pressure are his favorite.

My spirited boy can’t last too long awake without talking, and after a minute or so, he asks, “Can we do 3 minutes of cuddles, and 2 minutes of talking?” We chat about what’s in store for the day, or about what adventures he went on in his dreams. The timer dings, and we both get up with a stretch. After a quick hug and a kiss on the head I send him off to the bathroom and lay out his clothes.

I’m happy. He’s happy.

If you have a little one who finds it difficult to wake up, I urge you to give this a go. So often we rush everywhere, our time is precious and there is always somewhere else to get to. Routine is good, and it can help us stay punctual and efficient. But, working the time in your morning routine to connect just might surprise you (and your kids!).

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