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Challenge: Winter Survival Secrets

Surviving Winter When Your Child Hates Freezing Cold Weather

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Some children love running outside the moment they see snow falling from the sky. They’ll lie on the ground and make snow angels for hours. Making snowballs with their bare hands isn’t a problem. Eventually, they will come inside to warm up.

Sometimes the exact opposite can happen too. A small percentage of kids hate the freezing cold, so how do you stop them from complaining until spring arrives? You should have some tricks up your sleeves, but here are a few good ones you can use.

1. Wearing Their Superhero Costumes

Does your child have an excellent costume collection at home? If so, they probably have a few superhero ones. If not, you can find awesome superhero (and villain) costume at an online shop like Costume Collection. When a superhero is blending into the world they don’t keep their suit in a wardrobe.

Superman and Spiderman wear them underneath their normal clothes. You can convince your child they should mimic their heroes. It’s a fun way to ensure they are wearing two layers of clothing when it’s cold.

2. Closing up Gaps Inside Your Home

There are lots of gaps in your home and heat can escape very easily. The sides of your windows and doors are two places you should be concerned about. Roughly 30 percent of the energy you burn through is wasted.

Ask your child to help you fill in the gaps after watching tutorials on YouTube. You’ll kill two birds with one stone. Your home will obviously be warmer, plus physical work will stop your kid from feeling chilly.

3. Paying Extra for Quality Clothing

Your child won’t want to make a snowball if you buy them cheap gloves. Once they get wet your kid’s fingers will begin to freeze. A high-quality hat is vital too, because it’s where they’ll lose most of their body heat.

A good set of hat and gloves will make them happier when they’re outside. You can make it more interesting by letting them choose their own clothing. I’m sure they’ll want things with animals or cartoons on them.

4. You Should Get an Infrared Heater

Turning your thermostat up when your child is cold will waste lots of money. You can keep them happy without warming your entire home. If you buy an infrared heater it will only warm up the room your child is in.

Every kid would love a log fire in their home, but you don’t see many around today. Some infrared heaters with realistic flames look almost identical. It’s also okay for kids to touch them without getting burned.

5. Learn How to Cook Winter Soups


If you don’t cook winter soups when it’s cold your children are really missing out. Some recipes you find online today are absolutely delicious. It will only take you a few attempts until you get them right.

It’s a good way to fill your child with vitamins and minerals while keeping them warm. Soups will keep them hydrated too, which is crucial in winter. Let your child join in and they’ll be able to make their own one day.

6. You Will Need to Motivate Them

Maybe your kid doesn’t want to play in the snow because they find it boring. Do you expect children to keep themselves entertained all the time? The activities you do with them should be more exciting.

Would they complain as much if you took them snowboarding? Teach them to slide down an ice slope on a bag like you used to do. You’ll often find kids will appreciate cold weather more when they’re happy.

It Does Only Last a Few Months

Winter only lasts a few months anyway, so it doesn’t matter too much if your kid hates it. Hopefully the tips we’ve mentioned today will fix the problem. Think outside the box and you’ll come up with even more great ideas.

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