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Challenge: Happy Birthday!

Survival guide for toddler’s birthday

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Even though you wish for your child to have the best birthday party ever and enjoy every moment of it, the preparation and the important day itself can be really stressful, especially when you have to host a party for toddlers. People say that small child means small problem but when you have to pay attention to many toddlers running around and entertain them, things can become difficult. Still, good plan and organization can help you go through your kid’s birthday party smoothly.


Ask for help

Before you start planning and organizing anything, make sure to get one extra pair of adult hands that will help you with both the preparation and keeping eye on children during the party. Do not force or expect from yourself to do everything alone. I admit, we all want to be superparents sometimes, but in my case that desire perished as soon as the first set of guests arrived.

Prevent possible accidents

Make sure to call the parents of all the children that will be coming to your child’s birthday party and use this opportunity to get to know more about the kids. Some might be allergic to certain foods or have a fear of some characters you would like to include in your theme or decorations. Any information will help you with narrowing down your pre-party chores and you will know what to expect when the children come.


Prepare various activities

Toddlers have to be entertained all the time unless you want a bunch of small kids complaining how bored they are or finding some other, possibly dangerous ways to have fun. There are many birthday games and activities you can prepare for kids to play but trust me, timing is everything. Schedule each activity so that the kids can be amused during the whole party and always have backup ideas ready. For example, I prepared an extra game for every main activity I suggested so that the kids who did not want to play the first game could do something else.

Hire an animator

Small children get bored of games quickly and there is no way you will be able to engage them in different activities during the whole party. Therefore, hiring a professional animator can save you a lot of trouble and provide you with a well-deserved break. I have great experience with Yabadoo entertainment services for kids especially since they offer the possibility to choose a character for the animator and can be booked for even 2 hours of fun.


Avoid clean-up afterwards

There will definitely be something that would require cleaning and tidying up is unavoidable but save yourself that extra trouble of doing the dishes as well as the danger of having something broken by using disposable plates, cutlery and cups. Paper plates are great option for toddler birthday parties since they come with a lot of interesting designs. Do not serve food that requires the use of knives – plastic spoons and forks should do the trick. After the party is over you can just throw everything out.

Even when you fully organize your schedule, something is bound to spoil your perfect plans. When this happens, do not let it bother you a lot and drain even more energy out of you. Think of this day as a moment that is not only fun for your child but for you as well and you will be able to get through the day like a pro.

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