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Superwoman Syndrome: Signs, Consequences, and Solutions

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You know that it is not only impossible but unhealthy to try and be everything to everyone. However, when you’re a wife, mother, and career woman, you spend a better part of your days trying to do just that. You want to be the perfect wife, the cool mom, and the woman who is killing it in the boardroom, but finding balance, and more importantly, finding yourself in the midst of all this, can be draining and lead to some serious consequences.

Though it would be amazing to possess powers that would allow you to do it all, all the time, the truth is a superwoman you are not…

What is a Superwoman Syndrome?

Women are strong, powerful, and resilient human beings. That being said, when a woman feels pressured to try and do everything for everyone, she has developed a superwoman complex. She strives to be perfect in every role she plays, but unfortunately, doesn't succeed. This drive for perfection leads to feelings of sadness, disappointment, and shame while the act of trying to do it all results in her feeling overwhelmed and stressed to the max.

Do You Identify with the Superwoman Syndrome?

Based on the above-mentioned description of women most likely to develop the superwoman syndrome, that could be just about anyone. However, there is a significant difference in a woman who tries to be her best and strives to achieve realistic goals and one who is hell-bent on doing it all and being “perfect” at everything. Ask yourself these questions to determine whether or not you could be suffering from the superwoman complex:

  • Am I trying to be everything for everyone?

  • When was the last time I said no to someone or something?

  • Do I continually take on more responsibility knowing it’s too much to bare?

  • Do I ever ask for help?

  • Do I ever feel like I’ve accomplished something or do I always find fault in myself?

  • Do I always feel overwhelmed?

Okay, I Think I’m Superwoman, Now What?

If you’ve answered yes to the above-mentioned questions there is a very real possibility that you’re suffering from some level of superwoman complex. Though there’s nothing wrong with always striving to be the best, when your best isn’t enough, eventually, your determination will turn to stress.

Stress is one of the leading factors for drug and alcohol dependency, especially in women. While you may think that bottle of wine every day after work is a well-deserved treat, this post on “how long does it take to get addicted to alcohol” shows that addiction can happen at any time to anyone. Therefore, your best bet is to get help and get it fast. Below are some solutions on how to slowly, but surely overcome the superwoman complex:

  • Seek therapy - It may be necessary for you to look at unresolved childhood issues, past relationship troubles, and other factors to get off the superhero treadmill. Speak with a therapist about your troubles so they can help you learn how to express yourself, your feelings, and beliefs without feeling as if you’re compromising the happiness of others.

  • Rely on your partner - Your spouse is your life partner and is there to help you. Rely on them more to help you with your household responsibilities. Men actually feel proud when their wives ask for their help and support.

  • Love You - Most importantly take the time out to focus on yourself. Go hang with friends, take a vacation, get your hair done, get a massage, or read a really good book. Do this on a regular basis to remind yourself of your importance in your life.

Sometimes it can seem like the world will fall apart if you’re not there to fix things. While women are certainly super in everything that they do, they do not possess superpowers that will make them perfect in every way. Embrace your imperfections, let your guard down, allow others to help you, and most importantly, remember to take care of yourself. Because if you’re not caring for you, you won’t be able to care for those who truly mean a lot to you.

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