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Challenge: Summer Fun

Superhero for a day

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As a mother of a six-year old girl and a four-year old boy, throwing amazing thematic parties is one of the unavoidable points on my To Do list. I love organizing kids ‘parties – they allow me to let my imagination out, get creative and make a magical experience for my kids and their friends from scratch, and I can proudly say my parties always succeed wonderfully. A month ago, I threw a Disney princess party for my daughter and it turned out excellently – the only problem was, my son went into a sulk and demanded that he should have a party of his own just like his older sister, so I had to come up with a similar venue idea fast. For Jack’s party, I opted for the Superhero-themed setting and costumes, and this one, too, won me fresh points in my son’s heart. So, here’s the how.


Superhero venue for victory

For the party venue, I chose cobweb-y details from Spiderman and dark drapes and black-and-yellow signs from Batman. Jack loves these two, so I did my best to incorporate elements from both movies into a superb-looking setting for his superhero party. We rented out a playroom and arranged them into two separate thematic units, with the snack area in Batman style and the playtime zone in Spiderman fashion. I bought some Spiderman and Batman stickers at the local bookstore and pasted them to the tables, chairs, whiteboard and the floor, and I also found some cool Spiderman accessories in the kid’s section in a department store which I scattered around the play area – everyone loved it!


Superheroes eat their snacks, you know

For party snacks and treats, I made sandwiches, French fries and breadsticks with sesame seeds, as well as a few plates of blueberry muffins, chocolate cookies and banana-and-cream biscuits for afters. As I had made my daughter a yummy cake for her princess party, I didn’t want Jack to feel any less special so I baked a cake with raspberries, chocolate and whipped cream in the shape of the Batman logo. Judging by the leftovers, our little guests loved every bit of the food I decided to serve for the party – I barely got to try any, they ate it all like true superheroes hungry for glorious treats.

Costumes and makeup in style fit for a hero

For his big party, Jack wanted to be Batman so I bought some facial colors to paint him a heroic mask. For Gina’s party, I was able to rent out the princess costume from the local theatre company but they had no diminutive Batman suits, so I bought the costume from the local toy store (it did cost a pretty penny but it was money well-spent, because now he’ll have the gear for his friends’ birthday parties for a couple of years). Jack’s friends came dressed up as Spiderman, Hulk, Hercules, Robin Hood, Tarzan and Aladdin, and we also had several super-powered members of the Fantastic Four – I don’t know their names, though, but their costumes were done in top-notch style (I bet their mothers still hate my guts).

All the superpowers of our heroic animators

To round off the best party ever for our little superhero, my husband hired animators dressed as Superheroes like Spiderman and Joker. The kids were impressed by their card tricks, funny stories and their tales of incredible feats of courage – those guys are truly talented and I will hire them again for Jack’s birthday party, they’re great with kids and they had no problem staying on top of the kids’ short attention span. Jack wanted us to take a picture of him with his favorite movie characters, and now it’s sitting in a frame next to his bed – the animators truly made him feel like a superhero for a day, and I bet he will remember the party for the rest of his life!

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