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Super Silver Haze- Get the essentials here

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During the 1990s, an audacious experiment, which gave birth to powerful and impressive cannabis, dared to combine three varieties of archetypal cannabis.

Super Silver Haze has a psychedelic double dose of strong tropical sativas in its genealogy. There is also the notable influence of the Afghan Indica in its history. Certainly mostly sativa, Super Silver Haze is one of the most Hazes influenced by indica in its maturation period, the internodal distance and the compactness of its heads.

18-22% THC makes Super Silver Haze a favorite for the production of hash and extracts. The leaves are so well covered with trichomes that post-harvest size is purely aesthetic. And again, the size residues give a top quality hash with lots of essential oils and rich cannabinoids.

Super Silver Haze is known for having a powerful, sweet and spicy aroma. The sweet smell of skunk combined with earthy haze and strong Afghan odors from Northern Lights combine magically. The taste is virtually similar to the smell, fantastic! With its audacious but sweet taste, it is no surprise if it is a very popular variety.

The sensation of Super Silver Haze is a functional effect during the day. You will be full of energy, but always peaceful, centered and clear-headed. This is the kind of variety perfect for a good smoker session when waking up. Not to mention that Super Silver Haze is good for treating headaches / migraines and anxiety.

Outdoors: If you have unlimited space for roots or large-sized culture pots, make sure you have plenty of space, as Super Silver Haze will flourish if it has the opportunity. With a good tying and topping (topping), a ball of dense vegetation with a diameter of three meters can be created in autumn for flowering.

You will need to add a ladder to your equipment if you want to grow Super Silver Haze outdoors. Genes with a dominant sativa want to stretch and stretch again. It can double in height and volume during the flowering period. It is exciting during the first few weeks of flowering, when the plant is different and you can see how many blooming sites there will be.

Captivating odors are produced as soon as the flowers begin to appear. The first batch of chalices adds the distinct citrus scent of Haze into the morning air. After nine or maybe eleven weeks, support systems, stakes, tutors and links will be pushed within their limits to support clusters of resin-dense cannabis flowers.

If you are discreet, you will need to pay close attention to odor control. The fans will sniff a good taste and will have the smile of the connoisseurs by continuing their way. But the trolls will get you into trouble, so spin your charcoal filters and do not wear your garden clothes in public.

If this variety was an automobile, it would now be vintage. Like many vintage things, it can be considered classic. Super Silver Haze may have even surpassed the status of classic to become a legend. A telling example of the art of cannabis cultivation, this variety has remained popular and always wins directly from awards to date, or counts among the parents of winning cutters.

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