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Summer-to-Fall Kitchen Remodeling

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When the last rays of summer sun hit the kitchen windows, every smart homeowner knows it’s time to roll up their sleeves and prep the house for the cold months ahead. Since the kitchen is the heart of every home, it deserves a little special remodeling attention in the wake of fall. If you’re short on inspiration as to how to tie up loose ends and spice up the look of your cooking area for the season, check out these cool ideas and snug up the kitchen before gusts of wind come knocking on your doors.


A Little Upkeep Goes a Long Way

Don’t let the sudden temperature dips catch you off-guard: late summer is a perfect time to inspect your kitchen appliances and have them serviced. Check the oven and range for signs of old age and damage, and replace broken or worn burners, control knobs, and other components with new ones. You should also clean the oven, dish-washer and fridge door gaskets to ensure a tight seal and minimize loss of energy and high utility bills during the heating season. In case you hear strange noises coming from a kitchen appliance, contact a professional electrician and have the units thoroughly checked and repaired before a full-scale catastrophe hits your gastronomic haven.

A Seasonal Kitchenware Update

As soon as the first dried leaves touch your lawn, your culinary sprees will take on a new – and extended – guise. During fall and winter, you’ll need freshly cooked meals to keep your immune system in check, so you should stock your culinary scene with utensils and cutlery that can stand heavy regular use. Investing in first-rate Kendwood pots and food processors is a wise decision every homeowner should make before fall: your kitchenware should be built to last and deliver superior service per every cooking spree, so don’t skimp on it if you want to ensure top-notch culinary experience and long-term savings.


Paint with Colors of the Setting Sun

Fall’s almost here and you still haven’t freshened up the kitchen walls? Despair not: it’s still not too late to apply a fresh paint coat to your culinary nest and do something about those grubby tiles. The months ahead will be grim and depressing, so opt for a light wall paint number such as ivory or brilliant white and top it with gentle yellow or soft peach secondary hue to break up the monotonous wallscape and infuse your nest with the colors of the season. You can also update the cabinetry paint, apply a coat of matte varnish to wood surfaces, and clean all the tiles with a degreaser to prep your kitchen for lengthy culinary sessions ahead.

Say It with Stylish Kitchen Fabrics

Fabrics are another important aspect of your gastronomic heaven, so make use of the kitchen textiles with fall motifs and season-appropriate colors to add a dose of aesthetic interest and vibrancy to your cooking area. Table covers, runners, and dishcloths in red, orange, and yellow will dial up the kitchen look, and you can also replace the gauzy curtains with heavier fabrics in natural colors to keep your gourmet adventures snug, savory, and out of nosy neighbor’s gaze. Also, don’t forget to dress your floors in an area rug or easy-clean fabric: if you’re going to be spending more time in the kitchen, you may as well keep your feet off the cold tiles.


Consider a Storage Space Upgrade

No kitchen, however minimally equipped, can have too much storage. Take a look at the kitchen layout and see where a storage unit upgrade may be viable: you can add a spice shelf below the wall-mounted cabinet, or you could relocate the fridge to the corner to make more room for the antique china cupboard you have up in the attic. Still, be very careful with renovations starring plumbing and wiring relocation: unless you’re a professional, you should leave electricity and water fixture swaps to someone who has more experience and technical knowledge under their belt.

Late summer is the time when your home deserves to get all the tender, love, and care you’ve been denying it since last winter. Brace your home for the chilly season starting with the kitchen – after all, that’s the spot where the whole family gets their daily fuel from, so your should treat it with due respect and attention.

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