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As a 63 yr old grandmother, I get exhausted even listening to all the young moms (including my daughter & daughter-in-laws) diligently adhering to the "new and correct rules for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting!" NEWSFLASH: WOMEN HAVE BEEN HAVING BABIES AND RAISING CHILDREN SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME!"

My grown children have asked me "why would I ever have allowed them to do the things they did as children?" Things like climbing trees and building their own tree houses. I thought it was called playing. They did have a video game, some Mario game, which they grew tired of because they preferred playing outside. They were involved in sports which meant we were busy. And, yes, we ate many meals from a bag handed to us through a window from a stranger instead of color coordinated plated meals. Believe it or not, my 3 were exposed to sunscreen, baby powder, bumper pads, bottles of formula and junk food. GASP!

Also, I admit to using a switch on my children when they were young. The "rules" we're to obey and be respectful to others. (Hopefully, the statute of limitations has passed so I will not be thrown in jail for child abuse.) My children were not perfect-no child is. (Same goes for parents, none of us are perfect.) They lied to get out of trouble, fought with their siblings and friends, talked back, etc. But, it was MY responsibility as a parent to teach them the difference between right and wrong.

Today's young parents' need to relax about "society's new rules" and enjoy their children. Remember that what you're reading/hearing about the dangers of EVERYTHING is more stressful and toxic to you than the whatever. You're reading theories written by somebody somewhere claiming this or that is the cause of everything bad that's minutely possible of affecting you and yours. Just consider, if scientists could actually prove without a doubt the causes of a deadly illness and/or challenging condition, they would create a cure.

I raised my three while working full-time as a "single mom" in a "broken home." GASP! GASP! Their ages were 1, 2, and 5 when I became a "single mom."

My children are all grown-up now. They're educated, successful and married with children of their own. They're still not perfect, neither am I. Trust me, I made plenty of mistakes as a parent, still do. I reflect on things I should or should not have done differently, but I must have done something right. We all survived and are doing just fine!

I know I'm on my soapbox preaching anonymously as a coward from behind a computer screen, but finally it's my turn to vent.

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