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Challenge: Choosing Baby Names


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Reagan Ann Quagliano Yaden (sorry sweet baby girl...I know it's a mouthful, but it fits you) was born May 27, 2016. We didn't know the sex and both agreed on the name immediately (boy or girl)! The cool part about her name is that her paternal grandmother (who turned 90 this year) actually dated Ronald Reagan. Not only do we love the name Reagan, but we have a lot of respect for President Reagan and what he stood for. He and Reagan's grandmother were both from the same small town in Illinois. When he came home to visit from Hollywood for the county fair, she was the grade school teacher who was acting as MC for the event. He got on stage and said he always wanted to kiss a schoolteacher so he laid one on her right there! She eventually went to visit him in CA and received letters from him, but as history would have it they both ended up with different people. A pretty neat side story for her to tell as she gets older! She also received a pretty cool nickname which ended up giving her 6 half siblings one as well. Since we didn't know what we were having, we just called the baby Q7 during pregnancy. She was going to be a Quagliano and was the 7th child to be born. Now each sibling goes by their respective Q number which has made it fun for monogramming, etc. I think they each like their places in line as well as their unique nickname. It has stuck!

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